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Moderation of 2 threads?

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Blu Fri 10-Oct-03 16:08:05

Wife swap 2 and, on Thanks Rhubarb...(M2T says she's terrified and is clearly being tormented up by Dadslib posting bits of real life info about her...)Sorry if you don't want this intervention, M2T, just not sure if it's acceptable Board etiquette.

doormat Fri 10-Oct-03 16:17:02

Blu I have emailed the moderators, just do what you feel is right but i am right behind you and think this is out of order.

lou33 Fri 10-Oct-03 16:17:27

Blu, I am a moderator on the board and have contacted justine et al for advice.

doormat Fri 10-Oct-03 16:18:11

also sorry to m2t if this is too much interference but I think this is very creepy and I would not like this treatment.

This is not what mumsnet is about.

Jemma7 Fri 10-Oct-03 16:21:47

Think you've done the right thing Blu - even if it turns out to be a big joke he is obviously creeping her out - it would me too!

Good thinking

Blu Fri 10-Oct-03 16:27:49

Thanks folks...especially as I thought that this WAS how we contacted the Site people! Doh! This is my first and only internet chat site, so a bit naive. Thanks Lou...

M2T Fri 10-Oct-03 20:45:42

Missed this thread! Thanks again guys!

I'm just waiting for tech to email me wot he wrote so that I can suss out how nmuch he knows about me. I haven't recieved an email from him.

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