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How long do messages/threads stay around for?

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gillybean2 Sun 03-Jul-11 06:56:56

I thought I had read somewhere (but can't seem to find it now) that threads stayed for 12 months since the last posting to them, except chat (i think it was, but might of been AIBU) which was 90 days as it was high volume.

I can't find this now so I'm not sure where I read it originally.

Anyhow I have noticed that a lot of threads are still available more than 12 months later, and if you look back at the last page on threads they go back way firther than 12 months! So presumably I am mistaken on this..?

Does anyone know how long threads last and what the policy is on deleting old threads? Also where is it listed as I can't seem to find it under FAQ or policy.


Tee2072 Sun 03-Jul-11 07:00:51

Forever except for chat which goes in 90 days.

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