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Any chance you could sort your server out Mumsnet??

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twiglett Thu 09-Oct-03 10:08:46

message withdrawn

beetroot Thu 09-Oct-03 10:10:36

Message withdrawn

twiglett Thu 09-Oct-03 10:11:01

message withdrawn

twiglett Thu 09-Oct-03 10:12:29

message withdrawn

Gem13 Thu 09-Oct-03 10:13:42

I can only get into the discussion through my history on my home PC. I can't access any of the categories from the homepage. It's frustrating as I can't enter competitions, see the buying and selling noticeboards, etc. It's been going on for ages but the discussions are the most important thing for me so I haven't said anything before.

I don't know how 'new' people would be able to access it.

doormat Thu 09-Oct-03 10:14:04

I dont have that problem to be honest twiglett.I have a win 98 and just bt internet.
Sometimes it runs a little slow when there are loads of messages but apart from that nothing wrong.

doormat Thu 09-Oct-03 10:15:22

I go to file and then click on www.m and it comes up with mumnets search last and just click on.

SoupDragon Thu 09-Oct-03 10:18:23

I've got Telewest broadband and have this problem only very rarely. I assume you clear out your "temporary internet files" folder regularly?

twiglett Thu 09-Oct-03 10:21:14

message withdrawn

Tissy Thu 09-Oct-03 10:30:20

don't have this problem at all....

kayleigh Thu 09-Oct-03 11:05:10

My problem is accessing a thread I have already read. The first time I read a thread it opens in a couple of seconds but if I try and access again it can take a minute or so.
This can happen from work or home so I don't think it's my side.

CnR Thu 09-Oct-03 18:28:40

Mumsnet works really fast for me at home (fibre optical broadband) but ages at work (when I need it to be fast ), where we have normal broadband but over a nig network. I still have problems with some other sites being slow though, such as Baby World.

katierocket Thu 09-Oct-03 18:49:06

I have no problem at all with accessing mumsnet and it's always quick.

Tinker Thu 09-Oct-03 18:49:30

I too have a lot of problems with it timing out for me. Don't get it on other sites but it can be really hard work to get on here sometimes.

fio2 Thu 09-Oct-03 18:52:27

mines a bit slow sometimes too. I guessed it is when there are alot of people on the site

leese Thu 09-Oct-03 19:53:47

Like Gem13, I can't access anything from the side toolbar - whenever I click anything, nothing happens. Access 'Talk' by going to bottom of page, and clicking blue highlighted 'talk' option down there. Can't access noticeboards etc at moment

alibubbles Thu 09-Oct-03 19:59:03

I can't access the notice borads either from the tool bar. I go into talk from a saved favourite, not from

pupuce Thu 09-Oct-03 20:49:17

I can't use any of the left hand menu but I presume that's becasue Safari as a browser.

Speed not an issue - generally very quick.

masterchef1 Thu 02-May-13 03:19:20

message withdrawn

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