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SeenButNotHeard Wed 22-Jun-11 17:10:54

Am I going mad?

Did it not used to be 50 active threads?

25 really is not enough - too many posts mean the top 25 move too quickly.

Sorry for the whinge - otherwise, as you were grin

bibbitybobbityhat Wed 22-Jun-11 17:11:37

Use the Customise button.

TrilllianAstra Wed 22-Jun-11 17:12:49

I have 100.

SeenButNotHeard Wed 22-Jun-11 17:17:38

How, having been here for years, in various guises, have I never before seen the Customise button?

I mean, did you know that you can even highlight op's?

Truly amazing!

PaperView Wed 22-Jun-11 21:16:04

YOu can bookmark your place too.

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