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Small issue with the app re. Links

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GiraffeAHolic Fri 10-Jun-11 19:00:33

MNHQ - I was reading a thread in chat, in the thread someone had linked to another thread. It showed up as a clickable link (I.e. Blue and underlined) but I'm unable to click on it??

Is it an "app issue", a "link issue" or quite probably a "me issue"?


HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 10-Jun-11 22:47:20

Thanks GiraffeAHolic for pointing this out - we'll try to find out what's up.

lol at "me issue"

Tech (MNHQ) Fri 10-Jun-11 23:07:59

Let's give it a go here for a test.

Tech (MNHQ) Fri 10-Jun-11 23:09:47

Oh yes, it doesn't seem to be clickable. Hmm. That's not very good is it. Sorry about that. Another for the list.....

GiraffeAHolic Sat 11-Jun-11 17:57:38

I do like to create work grin. Thanks for looking into it

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