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I keep wanting to 'like' posts on here a la facebook

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suwoo Sat 09-Apr-11 16:40:27

Is there any way this could happen? Or not.

It would be great, but I suspect it wouldnt be possible on this forum template (I have no idea of correct terminology).

It drives me mad that I keep going to press like and it aint there.

<<needs to get off fb and find a life>>

meditrina Sat 09-Apr-11 16:43:57

What is "like" in this context?

MickyLee Sat 09-Apr-11 16:45:02

Yes I agree! I want to like posts so much too.

Great to show support on threads I am not getting involved with or to thank someone you agree with.

suwoo Sat 09-Apr-11 16:45:31

If I were impressed with a posters sentiment or found it funny perhaps.

stream Sat 09-Apr-11 16:46:09


DooinMeCleanin Sat 09-Apr-11 16:47:02

But what if no-one 'liked' any of your posts? [insecure]

suwoo Sat 09-Apr-11 16:50:23

That wouldn't happen to me Dooin. I am 'liked' left, right, and centre on facebook. So there stream.

AyeRobot Sat 09-Apr-11 16:51:17

Things like that kill conversation on forums. Changes the dynamic too.

suwoo Sat 09-Apr-11 16:53:52

I know that really. They have it on the forum DH goes on and its shit. I just annoy myself when I automatically go to 'like' something and forget I'm not on fb. I really do spend far too long on there. It's cos I'm a stjooooodent innit.

Tee2072 Sat 09-Apr-11 16:55:40

No. Don't want it. Love FB, but this isn't FB. It's MN.

See how the letters are different?


suwoo Sat 09-Apr-11 16:58:25

See these fingers Tee? <<raises first two fingers in v shape to face Tee>>

They're yours!


suwoo Sat 09-Apr-11 17:03:15

Oh God and now I'm expecting the little number to show in my banner when someone has posted on my thread, like when someone does on fb.

<<gets coat>>

amberleaf Sat 09-Apr-11 17:09:46

I want to like posts sometimes too.

PrivetDancer Sat 09-Apr-11 17:12:50

I think it's a good idea, i don't want to post saying 'yes I agree with poster x' very often but a little like button would be cool.

Only appropriate in chat and Aibu threads though I think.

Might be interesting to see how many people agree with controversial opinions when they can do it anonymously.

Tee2072 Sat 09-Apr-11 18:27:22

Thanks suwoo! I can always use to extra fingers with a toddler around.

::Tee looks for her very sharp gardening shears::

MikeRotch Sat 09-Apr-11 18:27:53

its SHIT

suwoo Sat 09-Apr-11 18:36:37

Hmm MikeRotch.... you are to blame for my purchase of chino's this morning. You say linen is no go, I ditch linen. Wear do you stand on espadrilles? Am I a twat?

MikeRotch Sat 09-Apr-11 18:37:33

lol how cool
where from?
have recycbled NEXT sale(i know!) copy of houlihans today. LOVE em

stillbroody Sat 09-Apr-11 18:42:55

Sounds like it'd just end up being some sort of popularity contest

suwoo Sat 09-Apr-11 18:45:19

I feel like I am in One Direction. I am currently wearing them with harems <<double twat>>. They are from Primarni.

PrivetDancer Sat 09-Apr-11 21:01:42

I reckon there are loads of people agreeing it's a good idea but they can't be arsed to post 'What PrivetDancer said'. These people need a button, dammit!

NoHunIntended Wed 13-Apr-11 23:22:39


suwoo Thu 14-Apr-11 09:16:35


NoHunIntended Thu 14-Apr-11 09:17:27


suwoo Thu 14-Apr-11 09:27:00

Share what? Do you want some of my diet coke?


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