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Big Issues Guide to Education

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Oakmaiden Fri 05-Sep-03 10:02:58

Hi, just a grumble about some wording in your "Big Issues Guide to Education". You mention as a possible option for school aged children "Give up your career, move into a less expensive area and cancel all social engagements for the next twelve years - educate your children at home." I do realise that this might be intended to be lighthearted, but in fairness it is not very accurate. Yes, some sacrifices are necessary if you Home Educate - and if both parents have a career then it is true that one of them would have to give up that - but the bit about cancelling all social engagements is, I feel, unnecessarily negative and completely untrue. In most areas there are a good number of home educators (you just need to know where to look!) and my diary was never so busy as when I Home Educated my ds. I made many good friends amongst the other parents, with whom I still socialise both with and without our children. And of course school hours are only 6 hours a day - presumably the rest of the time (when most socialising is done) is affected by the presence of those school attenders, in the same way that it would be by home educated children.

As I say, just a bit of a grumble. But well done for mentioning HE at all, and for putting in links to other relevant sites.

singingmum Fri 05-Sep-03 10:39:45

Just wanted to add to this that HE is actually good for both parents and children especially if working parent is on odd shifts.Also you get the pure joy of knowing that your child is getting the best education as can be directed to their own personalities and needs.Schools place children in slots and expect them to fit but as is well known to any parent children are never the same.
I've been HEing for 6 yrs and it's the best decision my partner and I ever made.
Yes it costs money(although there are some excellent companiesd who give us school prices)but a childs education is more important.I am shocked to hear that mumsnet could have featured so unresearched an article as this.

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