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logging On Site, MyMumsnet and Talk

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AspieMum2Twinsplus1 Sat 15-Jan-11 17:48:24

I was able to log on to the site fine but couldn't log on to MyMumsnet even though I had the correct email address and password. I also could post anything on talk- it claimed I hadn't set up a mumsnet nickname even though I have. Turned out the only way to log on to use Talk properly was to log onto MyMumsnet. To log on to MyMumsnet required me to pretend I'd forgotten my password and get a reminder set out. I had to copy and paste both my password and my email address into the log in box to be able to log on- even though the details I filled were correct (including correct case for letters). Typing in your details was not acceptable. It also accepts Roboform filling it in as long as it got the details from you logging in by copy and pasting from the email. Why is this?

AspieMum2Twinsplus1 Sat 15-Jan-11 17:49:39

I realise I've just mistyped something in my above post. I meant I couldn't post anything on Talk.

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