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Really, do we need So many threads saying ...

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Eleison Sun 09-Jan-11 15:30:08

Do we really need so many threads saying "Do we really need so many threads .."?

Couldn't we have a topic for this, called "Couldn't We Have A Topic For This"?

2shoes Sun 09-Jan-11 15:31:07

your not wrong
you made me smile

Eleison Sun 09-Jan-11 15:31:29


2shoes Sun 09-Jan-11 15:32:06

i reported mine, so you now have to report yours

Eleison Sun 09-Jan-11 15:34:07

Aw, you didn't need to report it. I was only havin a larf. I'm sick of all the EE threads too.

2shoes Sun 09-Jan-11 15:35:11

well by starting mine, I was starting an EE I was doing what I was moaning about lol

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