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KurriKurri Thu 02-Dec-10 11:26:38

How can I make the photos on my profile a bit larger? - Is it possible? Do I have to reload them all? Sorry if there is a very obvious method I've missed - bit new to this profile business!

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 02-Dec-10 20:04:14

Hi KurriKurri. Pretty sure you'll need to resize them your end and upload them again.

Loving your snow pics, btw!

KurriKurri Thu 02-Dec-10 20:31:13

Thank you smile

KurriKurri Thu 02-Dec-10 20:31:59

That is my DD - I need to label as well! grin

Hulababy Thu 02-Dec-10 20:34:11

Fab pictures

Not sure. I have a fair few on my proile but they all appear to be the same size. I think you can choose to resize when saving them - I have never tried it though.

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