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some threads very slow / not appearing at all.

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galwaygal Fri 12-Nov-10 23:08:04

Hi, I seem to be having problems with some of the mumsnet threads, try to go to them, and they are either extemely slow or don't open at all. Sometimes when there is more than one page on a thread, get into thread ok, then can't access the other pages.

Can you help? I have tried clearing cashe on computer, does not seem to have helped, but anyway all other websites seem fine, so do not think it is my computer??>>

galwaygal Mon 29-Nov-10 11:00:37

AARRGGGGGGGGGG - why do some threads just not open for me at times..... specifically the conception threads., even going through the "threads I'm on" link does not get me there.

It is so frustrating, some times it works ok, then other times like right now when I don't have much time, I can get into almost any other thread other than the ones I want to....

ARRRRGTGGGGGGGG - please can anyone help?

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