Is it worth having a sort of 'Clique Corner' or even a Quiche Corner?

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Bumperlicious Sun 19-Sep-10 16:16:18

Just to start with saying I have no problem with cliques! Ok, I don't mean cliques as such but the 'regular' threads that appear on MN, Elevenses, Shiney, Twilight etc. When I first started I was in a regular antenatal/postnatal group, and lord knows people griped enough about those!

But there are lots of regular threads that I am too scared to join don't wish to be a part of that keep appearing in my active convos. I can hide them, but have to do so individually, then a new one pops up. I was wondering, if it becomes apparent that you have a 'regular thread' (and I know they aren't usually premeditated, they often come about organically) could it be moved into a topic that can be hidden, or at least new threads started in such a topic?

Is that a really bad idea? Don't want to offend anyone, but would like to make my MNetting as efficient as possible grin

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 19-Sep-10 18:11:40

You mean as Quiche-free as possible, don't you, Bumperlicious? wink

Thanks for the suggestion. Anyone else agree?

Tippychoocks Sun 19-Sep-10 18:16:24

Um, yes I think that might be a plan. I'd be too scared to join any one of those threads. But would it go across topics? Would you remove the weight loss ones for example? Because I think that they do regularly pick up new people and it would be a shame if they were excluded. If it's just to tidy up Chat then I think it's a plan grin

Or you and I start a lovely Quichey thread Bumpers, all in code or eggy-peggy. An outcasts thread smile

cyb Sun 19-Sep-10 18:17:53

I think thats a good idea. You could hide whole topic then

JiggeryPopery Sun 19-Sep-10 18:20:20

Oh God yes please.

There is a raft of threads that cause me to hit 'hide thread' with such force I am now on my third keyboard.

bottyburpthebarbarian Sun 19-Sep-10 18:39:37

I vote for a Clinique Corner grin

pinkbasket Sun 19-Sep-10 18:40:36

I think it is a terrible idea. Unless you can introduce a facility to hide all posts by a poster wink.

FallingWithStyle Sun 19-Sep-10 18:53:03

Excellent idea!
I'm forever hiding the quiche threads - no problem with them but they clog up active convos.

Bumperlicious Sun 19-Sep-10 19:10:19

I'm really not trying to be anti-Quiche, I know they have their place. I would quite happily be in one, but feel you have to there at their inception to really get involved, it's not something you can contrive, and hard to join half way through.

It is a good point that they might not pick up new members if they want to, but if people spot a need they do tend to link threads, so they can say 'oi, over here with like-minded JML/Mis Lit/earthenware obsessives' grin

Tippychoocks Sun 19-Sep-10 19:19:00

Thing is though, I have realised that I agree with hiding all the ones I don't like and am arguing to keep on the main board the ones that I use like diet ones or student parent ones. So that just means that I want a bespoke Mumsnet and perhaps you should not listen to me.
Not that I imagine for a second anyone was. I do witter on rather grin

Honeydragon Sun 19-Sep-10 19:28:18

I ,ve not been here long and found my way into a quiche except i've not thought of it as one - more a drop in and burble. I've cretainly never joined another thread to "help a mate". It would be a shame if they were in their own topic as that would make them exclusive, and unapproachable.

VoldemortsNipple Sun 19-Sep-10 19:32:29

Id like a random comment corner. Sometimes you would just like to share some news but you dont really want to start a thread on it. Something like..

Ive just got a promotion, or, my cat has just had 12 kittens or, guess what somebody said to me today.

Those kind of things.

People should be able to reply but it would save having a whole thread on something that might only have a few replies.

MarshaBrady Sun 19-Sep-10 19:38:51

yes I was thinking that the other day VN. How funny.

Then I didn't start a thread as that too was a random musing...

MarshaBrady Sun 19-Sep-10 19:39:19

My rm was about comedians.

Bumperlicious Sun 19-Sep-10 19:56:48

But isn't that what chat is supposed to be about?

I honestly don't mind the quiches, but because they pop up so frequently as people post regularly I have to hide them all the time, as I may be missing valuable sleb twaddle interesting political discussions grin

cyb Sun 19-Sep-10 20:02:57

I'd like a 'Can I just have a moan' section that it is impossible to reply to. So you rant away, and no one can argue with what you are saying

its the online equivalent to screaming into apillow

ASmallBunchOfFlowers Sun 19-Sep-10 20:04:05

I'm often on a thread which people probably think is a quiche - I hope it isn't as we're always pathetically grateful pleased to get new members - and I'd worry that if we were divorced from our topic and shunted off into Quiche Corner we wouldn't get any new people dropping in.

I would have thought that the 'hide thread' facility was enough.

PixieOnaLeaf Sun 19-Sep-10 20:14:47

Message withdrawn

VoldemortsNipple Sun 19-Sep-10 21:31:02

But in chat Bumperlicious, Threads usually evolve like everywhere else, sometimes you just want to share some news or say something really random that pops into your head. It might not warrent a whole thread.

I will often click on a really interesting thread title, only to find that there have already been 60+ replies. By that time the thread has moved on and its not worth commenting on the original OP

2shoes Mon 20-Sep-10 09:55:27

think the op's idea, I do get fed up with these "private" threads. I know you can join in, but they are all chatting and you are like a gate crasher.

Tortington Mon 20-Sep-10 09:57:53

yes yes

no offence to shiney, but i have to wade through her cult daily.

if i could make the twisluts dissapear i would grin

MaMoTTaT Mon 20-Sep-10 10:00:57

No no no - there are some threads that are "regulars" that new people reguarly drop into - off the top of my head the flylady and listmakers. the stately homes one, bereavement ones, mental health ones.

Plus some of the ones mentioned above

2shoes Mon 20-Sep-10 10:03:42

bereavement ones,
should stay where they are as imo they are an exception.

MaMoTTaT Mon 20-Sep-10 10:07:30

what about stately homes, addict partners, mental health ones?

where do you draw the line?

TrillianAstra Mon 20-Sep-10 10:16:10

I'd be happy for a voluntary quiche corner, when you transplant your thread there it means "we are miserable beeatches and we don't want none of you lot to join in"

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