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triggerhappy Fri 19-Aug-05 15:05:38

mumsnet ask that members write at least 5 reviews a year!

I've been a member for months & I've not written one, I wouldn't know where to start!

Can I be excused on the grounds of I'm too busy & too thick??

Twiglett Fri 19-Aug-05 15:13:39

no I demand you submit your 5 now

Lio Fri 19-Aug-05 15:16:47

Wow, I don't even think I have five things I feel strongly enough about to review, let alone annually. I have done nappies and pushchair though - it's not tricky, they have various catergories that you score (like ease of use, value for money, that sort of thing), then you write a word-y bit too if you want.

JJmumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 19-Aug-05 18:54:05

Hi - you can view our list of things to review here . A review should take a minute or two and we have categories for things everyone has, eg toys, books, dvds/vids, nappies. We've even started recipe reviews and are putting up categories each week(ish). So far we've got breakfasts and snacks .

The reviews are very helpful to us and to other parents. We just received an email today from someone saying that he always checks them before he buys! Also, Mums Best, the mumsnet guide to the best stuff for parents - a quarterly compilation of mumsnet's product reviews is now available in Mothercare stores for free and will be available for postage and package from here soon.

We will accept "too busy" as an excuse, however, but know there are no members who are "too thick".

spacecadet Fri 19-Aug-05 18:55:08

ive done 2 so far i think<<ponders>>

Hulababy Fri 19-Aug-05 22:03:09

I do one each time I enter a competition. If it is something i am particualrly keen on winning I do more than one

triggerhappy Sat 20-Aug-05 08:50:26

they are easy to do arent they! I even did a couple, one as a competiton entry.

good suggestion hulababy!

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