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Anyone been to Parc Albatros this year?

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Portofino Wed 23-Jun-10 10:09:41

Did they build a new pool? What are the mossies like? Did you have a good time?

Portofino Wed 23-Jun-10 20:33:56


Leslaki Wed 23-Jun-10 22:10:34

Ooh my friend is going next week - will try and find out for u!

Portofino Wed 23-Jun-10 22:15:24

Oh yes - get a review! grin Handy hints etc.....We are going with Canvas.

Portofino Fri 25-Jun-10 19:52:00


Chinwag Tue 29-Jun-10 12:37:13

We went 2 years ago and are going again this year with Canvas too.

Can't wait. We loved it last time.

Portofino Mon 05-Jul-10 08:51:28

When are you off Chinwag? We'll arrive there on 13th July....

I will have to hang a fruitshoot off my decking so that I am recognisable as a MNetter grin

Chinwag Mon 05-Jul-10 20:40:42

We go on the 24th!! I am So excited.

Will you still be there?

Portofino Mon 05-Jul-10 22:06:33

Sadly no! We are only staying 10 nights then head for Lake Como. I am really excited too though a bit hmm about some of the family activities grin. Apparently they are doing "I'm a celebrity" - personally once baby disco is over i would rather drink Limoncello in peace......

Chinwag Tue 06-Jul-10 13:30:56

How did you find that out? is there a link?

Mmm agree; might avoid that one!! grin

Portofino Tue 06-Jul-10 20:22:22

It was on the Canvas website....that and Glee! And all kind of strenuous looking things grin. I send my child off to do these things so I can read my book in peace.....

Chinwag Fri 09-Jul-10 15:13:40

Well, hove a lovely time; we'll have to compare notes when we get back!!

Portofino Mon 02-Aug-10 10:49:19

Was lovely, but busy! The UK operators certainly have the best mobiles. You had to get down to the pool(s) early to get a sunbed but the kid's club was great and we had a very relaxing time. But, my God was it hot!

I will write a review when I get round to it.....

Chinwag Sun 08-Aug-10 21:27:48

Glad you enjoyed it. We got back yesterday. Had a great time, but glad to be home.

Was hot, and the DD's had a great time in the kids clubs; we were very impressed with them.

SallyDZ Sun 08-Aug-10 21:51:24

Hi girls,

I am thinking about next years holiday and have looked up Parc Albatross on your recommendations!

So you would go back?

How did you get there?

We're going with friends so there'll be 4 adults, 2 3-year olds and a 5 year old. Sound suitable?

Thanks for your advice

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sun 08-Aug-10 22:26:02

We went in end May one year and loved it. Not busy at all.

One night they did a weird spray thing to get rid of the bugs, which seemed to work.

Pool is perfect for littlies. And the bar / restaurant over looks the playground so perfect for a drink after eating, and watching the kids play.

Chinwag Mon 09-Aug-10 08:53:52

Hi SallyDZ,

Yes I would really recommend it. The pool is perfect for little ones; mine loved it, and they re 10 & 12. It is about adult knee height at the deepest, and is made from soft rubbery stuff, so you can't really hurt yourself. There are deeper, traditional pools too.

(see link and click on the pool picture)

There is everything you need on site. Supermarket, bars, bike hire, ice cream bar, washing machines.

The beach is near, but not great for little ones; it shelves steeply.

If you go with Canvas, they have great kids clubs and also family activity plus, which is snorkeling, raft building etc, but with such little ones, you may not use this. Mine loved it. (See link)

The site is very big; there is a fair bit of walking especially if your caravan is a long way out. It is worth hiring bikes if you get one there. I think you can get them with baby seats on.

Hope that helps.

Chinwag Mon 09-Aug-10 08:54:52

Sorry, forgot to say, we flew to Pisa and then hired a car.

It's about an hour's drive from the airport.

Portofino Mon 09-Aug-10 09:07:42

It too would recommend it - particularly for little children. The pools really are fab. Our Mobile was near one end of the site and I didn't find the walking too onerous - even carrying a lilo and giant inflatable seal grin. There is a little train that does a continous loop if you have tired legs/heavy shopping.

Dd (6) loved the Canvas kids club, and big bonus that every other day they run one in the evening from 7-9, meaning we could sneak off for a quick pizza or have a drink by ourselves.

We drove from Brussels. It is a bloody long way! I would recommend flying to Pisa and hiring a car.

SallyDZ Mon 09-Aug-10 22:40:10

Thanks for your advice, I've seen some cheap flights to Pisa so think we may do this.

I've never driven abroad, sure we'll be fine!

I've read a few reviews that seem to recommend Canvas so along with your's I think we may book with them.

Thanks so much for your advice

MaryMotherOfCheeses Mon 09-Aug-10 22:44:01

I booked with Vacansoleil. We had a ncie big 2 bed place with a verandah, on a really quiet part of the site. Lots cheaper than the other companies, mostly dutch / german people book with them.

SallyDZ Mon 09-Aug-10 23:08:02

Oh gosh Vacansoleil really is much cheaper isn't it, about £400.

Fantastic thank you

Portofino Tue 10-Aug-10 08:31:12

You definitely need a deck/terrace and air conditioning is essential. The mobiles are packed quite close together so the few vans I saw without decking meant your dining table was stuck in the dust next to your parking space....

MmeBlueberry Thu 02-Jun-11 09:49:36

Does anyone know what this site is like for teens?

Portofino Sat 04-Jun-11 09:58:14

I would say it was great. Canvas runs special activities for that age group and there is loads going on all the time. Safe enough for them to be able to wander about, play table tennis, go to the disco etc.There were certainly plenty of them when we were there last year.

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