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Corsica or Sardinia

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123rd Mon 29-Jul-13 14:10:40

Sorry. Just found this thread. We have been to Corsica and Sardinia. Both with the dc. We thought they were both nice but Corsica won it for us. We have been twice to Corsica.
Stayed in the north for two weeks first time then the following year spilt it with one week in the south then back to the original house for the second. We stayed near st florent. Will defo be going back

FrameyMcFrame Sat 27-Jul-13 16:03:55

Get to Corsica then!
Fly to Nice on easy jet then get the ferry across. Cheap option.

sailorsgal Sat 27-Jul-13 15:36:32

I started this thread. Ds is now 7. Still haven't got to either of these places. grin

FrameyMcFrame Fri 26-Jul-13 19:46:45

still interesting though smile

Sardinia is a bit of a barren hot rock in the sea...

iwantavuvezela Fri 26-Jul-13 18:58:25

And for one moment I thought it was a baby name thread!

AKissIsNotAContract Fri 26-Jul-13 18:53:17

This thread is over 3 years old

AvonCallingBarksdale Fri 26-Jul-13 18:51:07

Corsica definitely. Smaller and more beautiful - beaches are beautiful.

FrameyMcFrame Thu 25-Jul-13 18:03:28

Corsica over Sardinia any day. More beautiful and better beaches, nicer food.

musicalmum40 Wed 24-Jul-13 14:52:15

Cathers do you mind divulging the name of the villa? I don't mind s catering but I'd really rather find somewhere with a restaurant too, as I don't want to lug baby out in the car to eat every night

cathers Tue 11-May-10 18:53:36

Yep - It was a painful shock to the system!
We have booked car hire on top of that price as it is 10km to the coast, but still cheaper than many other places whilst still being comfortble. Also comes with outside oven / BBQ so hoping DH cooks!

poshtottie Tue 11-May-10 16:43:42

Cathers, that sounds a really good deal.

Next year we are limited by school holidays aswell.

I looked on and some of the packages were coming out between £6000 and £13000 at the Forte villages. I could go around the world for that. grin

cathers Tue 11-May-10 14:15:30

Ouch! Have you tried looking at staying at an agro-tourism in sardinia?

This is the first year we have had to go on hols during school holidays and was shocked by the price but found that by doing sleazy jet and a self catering agro-toursim villa we could go two weeks for £2500 ish.
The villa is on an olive farm, has a pool shared with 5 other villas, childrens playground and farm animals. There is the option of eating in the restaurant or picking your food from the farm! Booked it through just-sardinia though that was a few months ago now.

poshtottie Mon 10-May-10 17:03:03

Just popped into a travel agents and was quoted just under £4000 for a week bed and breakfast! Ouch! shock

This was for June and flying sleazyjet easyjet.

joyjoyjoy Tue 04-May-10 22:49:47

We have been to sardinia 3 times in the last time years and we love it. San Teodoro near Olbia is a nice town with some good beaches all along the coast. the sea is beautiful, beautiful and the island itself is quite wild, but I would only recommend going in May/June as July and especially August the whole island becomes packed with italians and it is boiling! If you google `Residences in sardinia' you will get info on self catering places. out of season you can get great deals on self catering places - a lot have enclosed gardens. but you need to watch the price carefully because they charge separately for bed linen and the final cleaning. If we don't want to cook we often just get takeaway pizza (and some places do takeaway pasta too. My mum stayed at a very pleasant hotel called L`esagano in San Teodoro - rooms quite basic but in nice grounds, good pool overlooking the sea, nice food and very friendly (although not a lot of english speaking going on) - we didn't actually stay there but it seemed very nice. i'm going to stop now because it makes me want to go..

poshtottie Tue 04-May-10 17:04:59

Thanks everyone, Corsica looks amazing but Sardinia seems to be a better choice now we have ds, though he is convinced we are going to centreparcs.

DumpyOldWoman Tue 04-May-10 16:59:50

Oh, self-catering means pasta for the small child, at small child tea time, and restaurant for adults smile
As far as I remember, Italian restaurants open quite late in the evening.

Lionstar Tue 04-May-10 16:49:29

We spent 2 weeks in Sardinia near Alghero with a 2 year old and it was lovely. Plenty of gentle sandy beaches, old town is lovely and plenty of places to eat. A fair few historical sites to visit if you have a car, or other more secluded beaches, boat trips also available. Not much in the way of nightlife though, and Alghero is a fair way from any of the other tourist centres. Was an excellent quiet holiday though.

Long time since I went to Corsica - but I do remember the roads confused

rookiemater Tue 04-May-10 16:48:04

Just re DOWs comments about self catering.

We have gone self catering for all other holidays and I was dreading not being able to cook for fussy DS, but it was great and so relaxing not having to sort out dinner very night.

BabyBecks Tue 04-May-10 16:43:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bubble2bubble Tue 04-May-10 16:38:42

I lived in Corsica for a long time - stunningly beautiful and still quite undeveloped but outrageously expensive and not particularly child friendly. Roads are dreadful if you have any tendency to be car sick and standard of self catering accommodation not great. IMO fantastic for couples, or with older children into watersports or diving

DumpyOldWoman Tue 04-May-10 16:20:15

Sardinia has lovely sandy beaches.

With a 3 yo I would go self-catering so that you can do what you like when you like - cook pasta to eat on the terrace or go out in the evening with 3 yo asleep in the buggy - or wide awake if she has had a siesta.

Merle Tue 04-May-10 16:17:56

We've always wanted to go to Corsica but have always balked at the prices.

Sardinia is wonderful. We've been to Alghero twice. Lovely old town, nice beaches, one of those choo-choo tourist trains, which travel through the town (when we had a 3 year old he went on it every day).

poshtottie Tue 04-May-10 16:15:08

Thanks rookie, that sounds lovely. Didn't expect it to be cheap but as long as it is a nice place I don't mind paying.

rookiemater Tue 04-May-10 12:42:59

Arrgh just typed long message and it all got obliterated as pressed wrong button on new computer.

Chia Laguna in Sardinia, good for young children, we went in September recommended by a mumsnetter. Not cheap, but if you go outside school holidays you should be able to get a reduction.

Half board was good quality and plenty of things DS would eat like plain pasta and so forth.

poshtottie Mon 03-May-10 18:21:11

Have no idea about either. Could anybody give me some info and which is more suitable with a 3 year old.

Any hotel/resort preferences? bed and breakfast or should we opt for half board.


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