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Carisma holidays, France

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pipmal Tue 21-Oct-14 16:46:21

Ha...just seen the date of your original post! I assume you've already sorted your holiday from 4 years ago ;o)

pipmal Tue 21-Oct-14 16:44:42

I've been away with carisma a few times and haven't had any issues and have been away with others, Eurocamp, KeyCamp, Go to France and we prefer them. Obviously it's horses for courses but we've only ever had good things to say about them. From the cleanliness of the accommodation, to the sites to the staff on site. I'd highly recommend. And as the negative comments seem to be obscure, rather than general issues, so would have thought unlikely to be a problem.

hunter60 Thu 02-Oct-14 18:49:19

Don't use Carisma. We have just come back from two weeks in France with them and if there are any problems they don't want to know. We believed their website when it said 'The 3 bedrooms all have full-sized beds'. Having teenagers we had given up on mobile homes because the beds are normally just too small, so we booked our holiday believing we were going to have full sized beds. But when we got there they were just normal mobile home sized beds. When we tackled the company about it their reply was 'oh, what we meant was full sized mobile home sized beds'. Also, they advertise their mobile homes as 'luxury' and 'deluxe', whereas infact they are very normal, with no extras, apart from a cooker. They are fine - but certainly not luxury. I'm afraid I cannot recommend this company. Our decking was half overgrown with brambles (which I had to cut back with a pair of scissors) and my son's window was completely blocked out by a bush that had grown up against it. He never needed to shut his curtains - it was permanently dark. Our caravan was so close to the one behind that we may as well have been living together. We were about four feet apart. Steer clear of Carisma.

WorcesterFamily Fri 16-Nov-12 14:17:36

You need to be careful with Carisma. We went to Jard Sur Mer in 2010 and really enjoyed it so returned in 2011. The second time we suffered a cracked pane of glass in the window of our children's bedroom (from a burglary while we were at the pool). These things happen in life, especially on open campsites where people can wander freely in from various points, but Carisma's 'fix' was to put some sticky tape along the crack from one corner to the other on the glass. When I asked for it to be boarded up properly. they stuck some cardboard over it, again secured with sticky tape. I wasn't happy for my children to sleep in the room (one bed was directly under the broken window), so we lost the use of a substantial portion of the caravan. I would expect a company that runs so many caravans to be able to replace a pane of glass next day, but they didn't. It took them five days to replace the glass - a serious chunk of our holiday time - eventually we were moved to a different caravan. The staff at the site are lovely and great with the kids, but we won't be returning because when things go wrong Carisma don't seem to have invested in the support network to be able to sort out basic repairs in a reasonable time frame. It's when things go wrong that you find out if your holiday company is well run and organised beyond just taking your money and making bookings. Maybe this was a one-off, but when we complained about the long fix time I can only describe the management response as unsympathetic (to say the least). We won't be staying with Carisma again.

Milliways Fri 19-Feb-10 17:59:42

Looks like the site you like is This one?

It is called Camping La Dune des Sables and can also be booked here.

As you can see, if I find a campsite I like, I always google & see if you can book direct or with another company first to compare prices.

MmeBlueberry Fri 19-Feb-10 15:45:21

Thanks, Milliways.

That is really helpful - I will look up the links to the other companies.

We were thinking of the one near Les Sables d'Olonne - not too long of a drive. I am amazed that there are multiple companies on one site as it looks really small from Google Earth.

Milliways Wed 17-Feb-10 17:51:46

We have not been WITH carisma, but have been on sites where they are.

We looked at them but they were NOT the cheapest at any site, and they ONLY did a Saturday-Saturday stay, and we often like an overnight stop en route and so can't do that.

We have been here but with Matthews (they call it Bretignolles - FAB site, and here but with Siblu.

Where are you thinking of going? For the Vendee, go with Matthews

MmeBlueberry Mon 15-Feb-10 16:28:43

Has anyone gone to a Carisma site in France

If so, what did you think?

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