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Gran Canaria vs Lanzarote.. which one wins??

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Jix Tue 09-Feb-10 20:40:47

I've found 2 great looking hotels - one on Gran Canaria and one on Lanzarote. The Lanzarote one seems great but I'm worried it's really windy there! (Both husband and son seem to hate the wind and get ear infections..!). This is for early April. If this is an issue, does anyone know which island would be better or are they all much of a muchness?

Or is there somewhere even better in early April that I haven't even thought about??
We want it warmish (20 plus)and easy for kids (aged 6 and 8).
All suggestions/advice welcome! Please!

TheChicOfIt Wed 10-Feb-10 10:57:08

Personally I prefer Lanzarote - can't really explain why - just had a nicer holiday there!

jaamy Wed 10-Feb-10 10:58:18

Lanzarote - we went mid May 2008. 2yo and 4yo. Didn't notice wind so much as nice cooling breeze. Nice beaches. We stayed in Playa Blanca and would consider going back. Lots of things for little ones to do...

Gran Canaria - ok so I went there when I was 16 with mum and dad but from what I remember, it was more built up and landscape seemed a bit more barren.

Hope you have a fantastic time wherever you go.

gladders Wed 10-Feb-10 11:41:16

think all the canaries can be a bit windy?

lanzarote in april is pretty reliable IME?

tartyhighheels Wed 10-Feb-10 11:44:24


LowLevelWhingeing Wed 10-Feb-10 11:45:23

I started a thread a while ago asking this. It's here if you want to have a look. Lots of helpful comments.

In the end we've booked a villa in the Algarve where it should be low 20s at Easter I think.

thedollshouse Wed 10-Feb-10 11:46:10

Gran Canaria is windy too. We went in July/August and although it was scorching hot there was still quite a breeze.

Jix Wed 10-Feb-10 17:00:54

You guys are so brilliant -- thanks for all your comments. LowLevelWhingeing I had a look at your thread as well so thanks for pointing me in that direction. It looks like it's going to be Lanzarote from everyone's comments, but still hesitating.. the wind .. the wind...
If we get there and it's awful my husband will certainly not let me forget that "he did warn me"!!

mummylin2495 Wed 10-Feb-10 17:16:12

i will go against the grain here and say i prefer Gran canaria.The wind in Lanzarote was quite fierce at times.We also went across on the ferry to Fuenventura and it was even worse.

happywheezer Wed 10-Feb-10 17:20:47

I went to GC about 8/9 yeras ago now and I really disliked it. Far too commercial and too many people with scratch cards and timeshare trying you to buy stuff. I don't think I'd ever go back. As for Lanzarote never been so can't say.

Jix Wed 10-Feb-10 18:39:34

oh blimey ... travel agent on phone now.. maybe should escape to do bedtime! anyone know anything about tunisia???

geordieminx Fri 12-Feb-10 20:51:00

We went to Lanzarote 2 years ago, stayed in the new marina development near Playa Blanca. We went late April and it was lovely and warm. There was a breeze, but it was idea as kept ds from getting so hot - he was only 1 at the time.

Last year we went to Los Gigantes in Tenerife, and this year we are going to Los Cristianos - only because the flights suited us - both lovely though.

Wouldnt go to Tunisa - everyone I know thats been has had bad things to say about it, and I prefer being able to wander about outside the resort?

bluebump Fri 12-Feb-10 20:57:41

We went to Playa Blanca in Lanzarote in December years ago and still managed to laze by the pool and get a tan, it was lovely. We stayed here (I think! I know it was a Hesperia) and you could laze by the pool and see Fuerteventura in the distance.

Mummyjo1970 Tue 22-Mar-16 07:23:02

Hi. I am sorry to both you. Just read your post and wondered if you did go to Lanzarote? I'm looking at going first 2 weeks in April with husband and 8 yr old... But DONT WANT WINDS! Was it windy when you went?

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