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Holiday in January - help!

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mayx3 Mon 26-Oct-09 14:09:15

Hi, I'm feeling at a loss so hope someone can help. I was hoping for a holiday in late spring/early summer next year, but I'm expecting baby 2 in early May so that's out! So now we're looking at January. We have one son who will be 20 months in Jan. We're not big sun seekers (fortunately!), but would like to go somewhere where weather has good chance of being OK or even if cold and damp lots to do. We not resort-y people normally, pre baby always self catered, but would be nice to go somewhere where we can eat on site or at least get trusted babysitters, but ideally where we can cook for ourselves too. Thinking Mallorca, Canary Islands, Spain or even Sicily. Any ideas/recommendations very welcome. Doesn't need to be very very cheap (hope we'd get a good deal in Jan anyway), but not very, very pricey either. Sorry hoped to explain more, but wee fella just woken up from nap so better go. Not asking much I know wink so thanks in advance! grin

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