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France - Jura region - anyone been?

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nappybrain Mon 26-Oct-09 11:16:47

Has anyone summer holidayed around here before? It looks like a nice relaxing alpine region - but if anyone has any greater insight than that it would be much appreciated. Struggling to explain to DH why I fancy going there. Think Besancon looks nice for a day trip but looking at perhaps being nearer the Clairvaux les Lacs area? Urrgh I hate deciding where to go on holiday!!!

Lilymaid Mon 26-Oct-09 11:31:40

We have stayed in that area though only for a couple of nights on our way back from the Alps. Personally, I would either go on to the Alps (far more interesting scenically) or save the journey and stay in the UK - plenty of limestone scenery here.
BTW The Pyrenees are worth a visit but are a much longer car journey than the French Alps or Jura.

JiminyCricket Mon 26-Oct-09 11:46:08

Its kind of weird, really beautiful countryside but eerily quiet and absolutely no tourist attractions or infrastructure. We stayed with Keycamp there ( think it might have been the area you mention but not completely sure). Hired bikes and cycled round the lake, drove around a bit, but we never like driving on holiday so didn't venture far afield. We probably went a bit before the main season too, might be a bit more open/going on in main season. It depends on what you like, but if you like to sight see/wander round local towns etc I am not sure I would recommend it. If you like to get away from it all and walk/cycle, then it might be good.

nappybrain Mon 26-Oct-09 13:03:39

Thanks both this is really useful. We have been to the French Alps and I guess one concern is that the Jura is just going to be the poor relation grin. And it sounds as though it might be lacking in things to do....perhaps this is why I am not managing to convince DH!

StarsGoBlue Fri 30-Oct-09 12:07:24

We spent a week in the Jura area a couple of years ago. The weather wasn't great, but we still had a good time. We stayed at this place, which is a lovely quiet gite run by an English lady who has a collection of rescue animals. We had a great day at the fortress at Besancon, visited a few of the small towns, and went for a few walks - the area is very beautiful and quiet. It's definitely off the tourist track, which is one of the reasons we liked it.

Soups Wed 04-Nov-09 16:30:34

We stayed there this summer and really enjoyed it. I agree with others, if you want tourist towns and lots of attractions it's probably not the right choice. It's one of those areas where you drive through villages, all the windows are shut and you don't see a soul. Beautiful window boxes tho, so people must live there ;)

If you like peace and outdoorsy things, then it is There are good points about it being less touristy. There was hardly any traffic, didn't have to fight for space anywhere, the supermarkets weren't that expensive, nor the few drinks & snacks we had out. The national park was beautiful. The lakes loverly.

We'd started our trip with a full on visit to DLP, then a few days elsewhere. We were ready for something at a different pace ;)

We stayed here 041008/view.php
The kids were more than happy to spend their days alternating between swimming in the lake and swimming in the pool.

It was on one of the smaller lakes and the water was very warm (late august) and clear. They put a very graining, rough sand on the beach area, and start of swimming area. So you didn't have to wade through water weeds or anything. The kayak & canoe hire was great value. We'll go back to the area at some time.

We've also been to the Vosges, they're also very pretty.

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