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can you help me organise my holiday to sweden?

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thisisyesterday Wed 21-Oct-09 20:56:29

we've decided to hire a motorhome and drive to sweden next summer.
getting ferry to the hook of holland i think, and then driving up through to denmark, then across the bridge to malmo.
we'd also like to go across from sweden to helsinki

what i am having trouble with is working out how much time it will take to get to places, what's best to see, how long to spend in each place, and how to book campsites in advance

i don't want to plan too much and be rushing around, but i want to make the most of our time.

anyone who knows sweden at all, or has done a trip like this... any info would be very gratefully received!

MrsMills Thu 22-Oct-09 08:10:21

I've never done ths trip before but I do live in Sweden so may be of some use.

The AA route planner should give you a pretty good estimate of route lengths. As a guide to drive from Malmö direct to Stockholm would take about 7.5 hours.

There are an abundance of lakes and woods throughout (in fact that's pretty much it), which means plenty of campsites on the way. Take a look at, which is available in english too.

If you do end up in Stockholm, you can take the ferry over to Helsinki. They sail twice a day, but I would avoid weekend like the plague.

When booking bear in mind a few things, most Swedes speak impeccable english, July is holiday month, so most things are either closed or booked up pretty quickly and you will have a fantastic time in a truly beautiful country (if lakes and trees are your thing).

Let me know if there's anything I can help you with.

thisisyesterday Thu 22-Oct-09 13:03:14

aww thanks for replying!
we'll hopefully be travelling the last 2 weeks in august, or last week in august and first week of september assujming we can get the campervan booked.

any must-do's in southern sweden that you'd recommend?

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