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Barcelona Airport Transfer

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laraeo Sat 17-Oct-09 14:41:07

Another mum & I along with DCs are heading to Barcelona next week grin. We're trying to pack light and I wonder if anyone knows the legal requirements for kids & car seats. We only plan on being in a taxi for the transfer to/from the airport but we'll have a 20 month old and a 5 year old in tow. I really don't want to haul DS's ginormous car seat for such short journeys.

The other question is does anyone know of a car service that will provide the required seats if we book ahead? I've tried contacting 3 times now since they say they can provide the service but I've not heard back and I can't seem to find a phone number to call them.


WartoScreamo Sat 17-Oct-09 15:12:00

You can get the train right into the centre of Barcelona from the airport. Doesn't take long, and connects with the metro.

laraeo Sat 17-Oct-09 16:34:22

The only issue is dealing with our luggage & DC's. Adding to which we don't know the city or speak Spanish blush. Do you know if there are lifts for all the Barcelona metro stops? If there are then it's feasible. If it's like London, then it's not so feasible. We'll definitely be doing public transport for the rest of the week we're there. It's just the airport transfer that's causing problems....

PheasantPlucker Sat 17-Oct-09 16:38:52

We took the train, but I do remember that our final station had no escalator, just steps.

We don't speak Spanish or Catalan either but it was very easy to get around on public transport.

thelunar66 Sat 17-Oct-09 16:46:38

You would be best taking the Aerobus. It goes from directly outside the door of the airport and is really cheap. The train is a bit of a trek across the airport, over a big bridge and the platform gets jammed packed tight with people to the point you can't breath!

Aerobus does a couple of drop off at various points into town, then terminates at the Plaza de Catalunya. It runs about every 10 or 15 mins max. There is a website in english for it (will try to find link if you're interested)

I would NEVER drive in Barcelona... tried it once and nearly had a nervous breakdown!

mrsmo Sat 17-Oct-09 16:50:56

We've just got back from Barcelona with DD (2 yrs) and got a taxi to and from the airport. No carseat requirements, just sat her on our lap both ways. Was about 25 euros each way. A lot of the metro stops don't have lifts, but buses and trams very easy to use around the city. Hope this helps

thelunar66 Sat 17-Oct-09 16:57:26

aerobus info

laraeo Sat 17-Oct-09 19:47:42

Thanks for all the info. Thank you thelunar66 for the link. If it was just adults or adults/older DCs we'd use it.

Mrsmo it's good to hear you did the taxi thing. I think that's what we'll wind up doing too. We're staying at an apartment in Port Olimpic and for the airport thing I just think it'll be easier to pay the money and have door to door service.

We'll definitely be on public transport for the rest of the week - we have NO intention of driving and hope to do do a good deal of walking (and tire out those DCs wink).

WartoScreamo Sun 18-Oct-09 08:43:31

Watch your bags at all times! They have pretty inventive criminals over there - we had a couple of occasions where someone tried to distract us. And have a great time - I luurrvve Barcelona envy

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