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Pollensa in Majorca - what to do with kids?

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PiggyPenguin Sat 17-Oct-09 14:39:05

We are going to Majorca for half-term and have never been before. Where should we go while we are there? We have three kids, 8, 6, 1 and will have a car. Any ideas greatly appreciated,


Hulababy Sat 17-Oct-09 14:44:44

Will be interested in what you fund out too. We are going with 7y dd next Saturday for half term. Staying 7 min from pollensa in an apartment. Will also have car.

LIZS Sat 17-Oct-09 14:54:01

Cap de Formentor is worth a trip out. We didn't do a lot while staying on that side of the island (I was ill in bed most of the week). Previously had been to Palma - nice cathedral and old town - and train to Soller supposed to be worth it. Waterparks etc may well be closing or closed by now. Beach is lovely on that coast , long sandy stretches and gently shelving, even if too chilly to swim.

NotaStepfordWife Sat 17-Oct-09 14:56:00

You will be just 10 mins drive from the Port which has good beaches, and lots of yachts to ogle at! Also has decent restaurants and is very family friendly.

Cala San Vicente is just around the coast and has a lovely little cove with good snorkeling.

You could also go up over Formentor (big hill just West of Puerto Pollensa) - great views - and then do a boat trip from the other side.

Alcudia which is a little way up the coast has a water park which may keep the children happy, but it's not such a nice resort as Puerto Pollensa - though the old part of the town is worth a wander.

I also think Palma is worth a day trip, but might be more difficult with the children.

Oh - am jealous. I love the northern coast of majorca - it's beautiful and not quite so tacky as other areas. We have spent oodles of time there. Hope you have good weather. Enjoy!

Ruthiebabes Sat 17-Oct-09 16:43:15

Stayed in Puerto Pollensa last June, loved it. Beaches lovely and so pretty.

We took the boys to Palma Aquarium, fab!!!

We didnt venture out from resort much as we were so content there. There are loads of lovely beaches around to explore.


PiggyPenguin Sat 17-Oct-09 18:03:26

thanks for the replies everyone, hopefully the weather will be good and we will be able to do a few of your suggestions.


Hulababy Sun 18-Oct-09 10:13:50

Thanks for letting me jump on your thread sybilvimes.

When are you going? Where are you staying?

DD doesn't do beaches and sand. However we do have a hot tub on our terrace, and also a pool i n the complex should she be brave enough to venture in it.

We are going with PILs too and will no doubt spend lots of time wandering around the towns in marjoca and eating cake with tea and coffee

How far is it from the airport to Pollensa?

PiggyPenguin Sun 18-Oct-09 11:22:04

We are staying in a villa on the outskirts of Pollensa and the instructions say it is 62km from the airport. So an hour and a half trip we reckon. We are taking grandparents too, on the basis that there are no babysitters as good as the ones you know wink

LIZS Sun 18-Oct-09 16:33:21

I'd say about an hour's drive, road is straight and uncrowded at that time of year. Will be interested in any accommodation recommendations after, if that's ok.

Hulababy Sun 18-Oct-09 17:46:07

According to the Villa Parade website out aprtment is:

5-minute walk from the resort of Puerto Pollenca with cafes, shops, restaurants.
10-minutes stroll to the beach.
7-minute drive to the old town of Pollenca

herbietea Sun 18-Oct-09 17:50:33

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Sun 18-Oct-09 19:16:02

We are planning on a waterproof each and some long trousers and long sleeves int he evening.

Have been watching the forecasts closely and last week or so it has looked pretty good.

NotaStepfordWife Mon 19-Oct-09 09:28:12

Ooh - if you have babysitters I can recommend 'The Stay' restaurant on the harbour in the Port... really lovely albeit a little on the expensive side. <Disclaimer-haven't been for a couple of years, so may have changed, but it's a bit of an institution in the Port so I would be surprised!>

The roads are good from the airport to Pollensa - once on the road it shouldn't take much more than an hour.

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention is to take some stale bread to the beach and feed the fish - you will get lots of bass and bream coming in, usually a feeding frenzy will start and it will entertain the children for ages!

Enjoy! envy

BonjourIvresse Mon 19-Oct-09 09:30:42

I can recommednd stay too! It was fab...

gagamama Mon 19-Oct-09 09:47:33

I saw David Blunkett at Stay restaurant! (Not sure if that's a reason to go or to avoid it, but it's a great place in a wonderful location!)

Pollensa old town is magnificent, although getting slightly over-populated with 'upmarket' touristy shops. You must go up the steps and get the DCs to count them! The town square is lovely too, in the shadow of the church, do sit outside and have tapas if you can.

I was there for Halloween last year and there were a few events for All Saints Day and Halloween. The local children were letting off firecrackers until the police pretended to chase them away - there was a lovely atmosphere, nothing like the UK!

Would recommend Soller on the tram. Also Palma is best reached by train and very, very cheap. We drove to El Caülls and parked at the 'Festival Park' - fares were about £2.50 return for 5 of us or something stupid like that!

Sorry, I've gone on a bit. I've visited Pollensa umpteen times, and absolutely love it. It has changed in recent years and is now quite middle-class touristy, but still thoroughly pleasant. Lovely time of year to go too - look out for lovely fresh avocados on the trees!

Hulababy Mon 19-Oct-09 14:59:51

NotsStepfordWife - does The Stay allow children in? On holiday we tend to go out togethr and 7y DD adores good meal out, lol.

NotaStepfordWife Mon 19-Oct-09 19:38:05

Hulababy - yes, they do.

Alternatively you could go there for lunch... the sardines were always superb... and then you will probably be able to sit outside on the harbour and watch the world go by (probably too cold to sit outside in the evening at this time of year). The whole place is really family friendly - you'll have a great time.

NotaStepfordWife Mon 19-Oct-09 19:39:39

The Stay

LIZS Mon 19-Oct-09 21:25:28

wow looks fab - one to bookmark !

Hulababy Tue 20-Oct-09 19:55:28

Thanks Was looking at the menus last night with PILs and DH and we have taken the details to find it whent here.

NotaStepfordWife Tue 20-Oct-09 20:56:37

Glad to help - hope you have a great holiday smile

frankie3 Fri 23-Oct-09 18:18:44

Can anyone recommend any nice aparthotels in Puerto Pollensa as I really fancy going there next year?

Hulababy Sun 01-Nov-09 10:14:04

frankie - I have just got back from Porto Pollenca and stayed in a 3 bed apartment booked through Villa Parade. Was beautiful!

Hulababy Sun 01-Nov-09 10:16:54

We are back and we have had a fantastic time

Never expected the weather to be so warm. Been at least 25 degrees every day and really sunny. Hadn't taken enough warm weather clothes, even ended up having to buy Mollie a couple of new tops as te ones we had taken had long sleeved. No sun cream with us either so all ended up caching the sun the first day or two as we were taken by suprise.

The apartment was booked with Villa Parade, and was really lovely. Was a nice 3 bed apartment near Puerto Pollenca and was perfect. 7y DD particularly enjoyed the hot tub on the top terrace and spent many a morning swimming about in it. The communal pool was a tad too cold, lol! Although DD did brave it once.

Apartment was less than 5 min walk to the beach and port. The resort was really lovely. Not sure how hectic in the summer but very relaxing and pretty this time of year. There were some great restaurants too, and had a very good meal at The Stay. Not cheap but we had the menu option at 33 euros per head and that was really good. Facy going again and having the proper menu too! Thanks for the recommendation.

My sand phobic little girl ended up playing on the beach a couple of times and spent loads of time in the sea swimming or trying to catch fish and crabs with her net.

We took DD's scooter with us and she had a great time scooting down all the beach fronts. Will def considering taking her scooter on holiday with us again.

We hired a car and visited Pollenca town, Alcudia old town and Aludia port, Puerto Cristo, Palma, Soller and Port Soller. For old times sake for DH and PILs we drove over to Santa Ponca as they went there many years ago. Drove back to Palma that day through Magaluf - was very dfferent to where we were staying, although no doubt in a few years time DD will be wanting to head their with her mates - eek!

At Puerto Cristo we went down Caveaux del Drac. DD really enjoyed the stalagmites and stalagtites - even though we live so close to Derbyshire we have never gotten round to doing the caves locally. The tour then finished with a classical concert for a few minutes and a short boat ride.

We saw so much of the island and it was really beautiful. Would definitely recommend.

And Ryan Air were fine. Both flights arrived 20 minutes early, and with priority boarding we all got on together and sat together - glad we had booked that though. And our luggage was well within the restrictions.

Brilliant time!

Hulababy Sun 01-Nov-09 10:17:54

sybilvimes - are you back? Did you have a good time?

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