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Supermarket nr Olbia, Sardinia

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headless Fri 16-Oct-09 13:38:59

Bit of an odd one this, we have booked a villa next spring just outside of Olbia, all hunky-dory except that the owner wants to charge us £8 per day to hire a cot. I was wondering if anyone knows if the supermarket in Olbia or somewhere else nearby is likely to sell a travel cot or cheapy cot that we can buy instead. I know it makes me sound like a tight wad, and I am!!! But really, £8 per day??!!!

Poohbearsmom Sat 17-Oct-09 02:38:30

Tot agree £8 is insane!! I actually laughed when i saw ur post & its not cause its a odd Q its jus iv not bn to many places but i lived n olbia n sardy bout 9yrs ago for 3 months as an au pair!! I hadnt thought of it n so long anyways they had 2 goodish shoppin centres back then, now they r not huge and the better of the two was a 10min drive from olbia town... The town its self had two childrens stores kinda like mother care but i was only lookin at da clothes & it was a long time ago so cant honestly rem if they had travel cots, sorry. But id say ud hav no trouble gettin one... Are u bring a car?? Hav u bn to sardinia b4?? Its very beautiful but not particularly olbia its a grand port town chilled & has lovely little cafes but for da real amazin beauty ya hav to drive out a bit... Costas esmarelda... Now ya hav me dreamin... Anyways hope that helps a ikle bit

headless Sat 17-Oct-09 11:51:42

Thank you! Sounds like we'll be able to pick one up pretty easily. We're really looking forward to going, never been before, we're flying and going to hire a car out there. Feel free to re-live your memories and tell me your recommendations!!! Thanks again.

Poohbearsmom Sat 17-Oct-09 23:13:09

Ur very welcome are ya flyin to calgary or algahero?? I flew into algahero myself & it was about an hr&half drive from olbia if my baby brain Isnt failin me... The views r amazin, the beachs r really sumit special & the ppl r really warm & welcoming... And the food is really amazin iv had many a cravin for sardy pizza while preg... Olbia had a good little tourist office back when i was there & they were so helpful stock up on maps & they will giv ya tons of suggestions where to go, they were really lovely when i was there... Its a lovely place i really hope ye enjoy it & they r so child friendly they all hav their kids wit them when they go out to eat its a real family occasion wish i cud rem names of places for ya but da lady i aupaired for took me loads of places & i never knew da names id jus admire the fab views & enjoy where ever i was taken

headless Sun 18-Oct-09 13:40:48

Flying Leeds-Bradford to Olbia with Jet2. Sounds like you had an amazing experience out there - what a great job! Really can't wait to go now....shame its not till May!

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