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Flying - Liquids and other items in hand luggage, help please.

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Eulalia Thu 01-Oct-09 13:43:48

We are flying next week to Spain and to avoid the huge baggage costs are going to take everything we need in our hand luggage. I've read all the relevant websites carefully - the airline - Monarch, also Government website regarding liquids. I have my little freezer bags with the requisite amounts. However am a little unclear on a couple of points.

dh takes several pills a day. These are just tablets, not liquid. I guess he is OK to take his whole 2 weeks supply in his hand bag? It appears it is just liquid medication that may cause a problem.

Also I realise I can only take one bag on board, no handbag or anything but can my dd take her toy monkey separately or does every single item have to fit inside her bag?

Would there be a problem with her taking colouring pencils on board, just wondering as they are sharp and could be construed as 'dangerous'! She's definitely not taking her knitting!

Anything else I need to know? Cheers.

Eulalia Thu 01-Oct-09 22:27:07


bezzyk Fri 02-Oct-09 10:20:08

Hi Eulalia

We've done plenty of flying with DD.

Pills, you'll be fine, as they're not liquid.

Re the monkey, the airlines we flew we were allowed 2 bags. One for me and one for DD. I never did take 2 though as often travelled alone and couldn't have managed. How old is DD? If she's over 2, she's allowed her own hand baggage allowance anyway.

Pencils will be fine. You generally find they're quite lenient as far as travelling with children.

I've often smuggled stuff in the bottom of her pushchair too shock

Hope it helps

BK x

abra1d Fri 02-Oct-09 10:22:04

You may be able to take your handbag: I flew to Barcelona with BA last week and took a large handbag and my overnight bag with me. No problems at all.

Don't do what I did, rushing through security, and leave the transparent bag into which you have packed all your precious liquid makeup behind. sad

bezzyk Fri 02-Oct-09 10:23:17

oops sorry, just re read. I see you have mentioned her taking her own bag. They may be funny about the monkey being separate but just get her to cuddle it. I'd like to think no beast is going to take it from her!

Eulalia Fri 02-Oct-09 11:04:29

Thanks very much. She is 7, all my kids are over 2 now so yes they have their own allowance. I should be OK for space as ds1 doesn't need a lot of clothes - he is a grubby boy! Also the sun WILL shine all the time and they'll be wearing their costumes all day. Have never gone without hold luggage before but now youngest is 4 find we don't need to worry about highchair, pushchair and all that malarky. Am just taking a little pot of face cream, small toothpaste and small suncream and can buy the rest of the toiletries when we are there.

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