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Gran Canaira or Tenerife - best area recommendations in either please!

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Holymoly321 Tue 29-Sep-09 08:24:14

DH and I are thinking about going to either Gran Canaria or Tenerife for a very cheap self catering deal in Feb next year. We'll be with our 4yr and 2 yr old DS's. Can anyone recommend areas in either Gran Canaria or Tenerife that are nice where there is a lot to do for youngsters and good restaurants, nice beaches etc? We don't want to hire a car this hol if poss as it bumps up the cost quite a lot. Also, will the weather be warm enough for a t-shirt on the beach? Many thanks in advance! smile

MrsWicket Wed 30-Sep-09 14:42:42

Definately head for the opposite end to Veronicas if thinking of going to Playa Las Americas, Tenerife. Think its called Costa Adije (sp?) Veronicas is club central and all the delights (not) that come with it (though how busy it'll be in feb I'm not sure). Costa Ad is lovely. Lovely beach, lots of bars/restuarants. Lovely long promade right through to Los Cristianos - great walk. Weather should still be nice (poss chilly at night though?). Visit Loco Paroque at the top of the island (brilliant). Los Giganties also is a lovely resort. Small beach but great lido which we used most days. Again, lots of bars/resturants within walking distance.

bacon Thu 01-Oct-09 12:38:49

I'm going to Costa Adeje in November. I did some research first as I didnt want to be stuck miles from anywhere and on the side of a mountain. Its only half hour from airport too. Seems to be a few excusions to go on too ie waterparks, zoo and mountains. My mum didnt rate Gran Canaria thought it was very grubby even though she stayed in a nice area and good hotel. I decided on tenerife as it was available from my local airport - Cardiff and Bristol, short flight and warm weather. It is a very british resort and plenty of supermarkets.

We are going de-luxe though with family friendly hotel (Gran Anthelia), childcare and nanny but we got an amazing deal by e-mailing OTbeach £1000 less than Soverigen holidays quoted me. It does workout expensive but we havent been away in 5 years so though we'd splash out.

I would highly recommend the website "Travel Advisor" and you can read good and bad reviews on all accommodation. Its excellent as takes away the gloss of the brochures when the hotels were photographed new and not after years of use.

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