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All inclusive - no kitchen - baby?!?!

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SassyBo Thu 24-Sep-09 23:11:22

We are wanting to go all inclusive next year but all the hotels we like don't have kitchen facilities in the room. Has anyone got any idea on how you take a 10 month old who will needs bottles sterilised and food heated etc! Tips and advice needed!!

floatyjosmum Fri 25-Sep-09 00:52:05

im sure ive seen somewhere some portable sterilisers?? may have imagined it tho!

have fro def seen bottle warmers that you can also warm food up in - think it was tommee tippee

tegan Sat 26-Sep-09 21:13:00

We always do AI and have done it with a 1yr old (still with bottles and steralising) pretty uch all hotels have facilities or even boiling water (for tea etc) which we used to wash out bottles (did the job once) and also hot milk if you're dc is drinking cows milk.

thisisyesterday Sat 26-Sep-09 21:17:54

a 10month old doesn;t need bottles sterilised!
seriously, they'll be fine with a wash in hot water.
OR, take a load of steri-bottles?

food-wise can the baby not just have whatever you're having when you eat?
am sure most hotels will have a kettle though, that you could use to warm bottles/food

surreylady Sat 26-Sep-09 22:25:24

we did AI with DS at 11 months (it was long haul) sterilsed via portable and kettle - went to kitchens on arrival and asked what they could do for us - they were happy to cook for him before service - we stuck to veg mostly(and there were some interesting items delivered) - worked fine - we feed him whilst we got ready and he spelt in pushchair during our dinner.

geordieminx Sat 26-Sep-09 22:28:25

Agree that sterilising isnt necessary for 10month old - although you can get cold water sterilising tablets.

We took ds on holiday when he was 11 months old, and granted he had at least half of his teeth by then, but he ate whatever we did - pizza, veg, fish, steak, lamb chops the lot!

He loved just having bits from our plate - unfortunately he still does grin

tegan Sun 27-Sep-09 07:33:41

no matter where you go in the world they do have shops with jarred baby food in them.
granted you might have to guess what it is from the picture.

you jusr need to relax and enjoy your hols, babys fit in and generally eat what is there from personal experience

gladders Tue 06-Oct-09 14:09:08

you can get those sterilising tabs - don't need hot water just a tupperware. (although agree that no real need to sterilise at this age)

on the food front - in the heat all mine ate as babies was yoghirts, breadsticks etc - no need to heat food up really?

Molly499 Mon 02-Nov-09 22:21:14

Take a travel kettle and you'll be able to do all of the things that you need with that.

hifi Tue 03-Nov-09 18:56:41

i took those huge sterilising bags from boots for bottles etc. dd just ate from the buffet, tried her on all sorts. there is always yoghurt's, bananas,toast, porridge. i really wouldn't worry. i would ensure you take enough nappies etc as they seem to be hugely more expensive all over the world.
calpol and re hydration salts are a must as well.which country?

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