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Recommendations for family with young teens

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isitmyturn Wed 23-Sep-09 18:14:06

I want something in Europe, not Turkey. Somewhere with lots of activities to suit 12 to 14s, preferably self catering.
As a family we enjoy eating out and so prefer apartments for the flexibility, not to mention the space. Most big complexes I've seen seem to aim the entertainment either at tiny tots or the 18/30s. I'd like somewhere they can have fun with others of the same age.
Any ideas please?

bruffin Wed 23-Sep-09 18:30:23

Depends what type of holiday you want? My 2 just turned 12 and 14 in the last few weeks and loved Centerparcs in the Netherlands. Even with the bad euro they are still much better value than the uk.
We went last week of august and they went climbing, zip wire, archery, lovely swimming pool. Depending which one you go to some of the parcs have horseriding or water sports or even a dry ski slope.

isitmyturn Wed 23-Sep-09 18:36:13

Thanks bruffin, we have done CP in the Netherlands and UK and both boys love it. We are going again at half term. Actually I mean a summer sunshine/ beach based holiday.

gill89 Wed 23-Sep-09 18:39:00

keycamp type sites with PGL attached???? or teen stations

not villa but some have gites

DadInsteadofMum Mon 28-Sep-09 16:45:42

I guess it depends on how active you want to be, or do you just want the boys to be active?

If you want to be active as well then PGL do family holidays in France here, the French sites are at the bottom.

DanAtSiblu Tue 29-Sep-09 09:31:43

Message deleted

Divawithattitude Sun 04-Oct-09 18:22:18

We went to one of the big campsites in the S of France with a pool and slides - hardly saw our young teens for the whole time we were there except at meal times and even then they often seemed to eat with friends.
I think it was Eurosites

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