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suggestions for best way to spend a month in France!

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duckyfuzz Mon 14-Sep-09 20:49:29

DH and I are both teachers and are trying to make the most of our summer hols...we want sunshine and like france, so south of france is looking likely. We have considered camping for a month, camping for 3 weeks with nice hotels either side (to break the journey and ssee more of france) and most recently, cheap camping followed by nice villa with pool...thrown into the mix are twins who will be 6.8 by then and love making friends and swimming, it is also my 40th next august so I'd like to do something nice...any thoughts?

duckyfuzz Mon 14-Sep-09 20:59:49


Portofino Tue 15-Sep-09 10:04:23

I'd love a month! Personally I would drive to the South of France for 2 weeks on a holiday park with pool, beach, kids club etc. Then spend a week driving down with a couple of stops eg outwards, Champagne or Burgundy, then northern Provence, and back the Auverge, Limousin, Dordogne, Brittany etc

Ruthiebabes Tue 15-Sep-09 13:33:56

How about a gite on a complex with stuff to do on site. Thats what we have just booked for next summer in Charente Maritime, France. It looks lovely, and children can make friends with others staying on site.

dogonpoints Tue 15-Sep-09 19:16:58

I'm looking at Matthews caravan holidays on big campsites. Two weeks for the price of one. Works out very good value.

duckyfuzz Tue 15-Sep-09 19:47:23

thanks for the suggestions, off to do more research now

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