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Sicily in February?

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dcb Sat 05-Sep-09 07:40:07

We've always wanted to go to Sicily and are looking to have a week away in Feb (not half-term). Any reccomendations? Will be taking our 3 yr old dd so will need stuff for her to do as well. Will it be warm enough for light clothing? Thanks

minervaitalica Sun 06-Sep-09 13:34:52

Sorry, not an expert on Sicily, but february is still well within winter - so I would say no chance of t-shirts and shorts! In the last few years the south of Italy has had snow problems as well, so you better check the weather before you go because it could be rather cold (particularly if you want to do Etna).

I have to say - I am not sure I would choose to go to Sicily in winter with a small child. It may work out well for sightseeing, but not sure about specific activities for her in the winter beyond the usual indoor play areas etc...

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