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Disneyland Paris last week of December

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ChangesAhead Fri 04-Sep-09 14:18:50

Hi, I'm planning to take my children to the Disneyland Paris resort between 30 Dec to 2 January, and wondered whether it would still be worth going? Will it still be quite festive and will the children have plenty to do over the 3 or 4 days? Also what would be good hotel to stay at? I want something thats quite good quality and local to the resort.

nannymcphee Fri 04-Sep-09 16:37:29

Just come back from a weekend in Disneyland we went on Friday am on Eurostar and back on 7.30 pm train from Disney. We stayed at Disneys Hotel Newport which was great and have an inside swimming pool, which would be useful if wet/cold. All the Disney hotels seem very close and walkable to the parks - they're all so close toegether - although they all seem quite pricy!

They're loads to too and quite a few sit down shows in 'theatres' and hopefully it wouldn't be too busy over New Year - unless they organise a New Years Eve Party and Fireworks!

We got the train the Ashford from Tunbridge Wells and the train ticket was free as we had a Eurostar ticket - worth checking if you can do that from you location.

Have a great time and start saving - the food can be really expensive! smile

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