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Has anyone been to Norway ?

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katiestar Thu 03-Sep-09 13:01:08

What time of year did you go , whereabouts and what did you do ?

notnowbernard Thu 03-Sep-09 13:10:01

I've been to Oslo in the Summer

It was very hot - and because of its location, didn't get dark at all

VERY VERY expensive - think £14 for 2 lagers shock

Beautiful public gardens, nice fjord, the Munch museum was great

pooter Thu 03-Sep-09 13:10:06

Yes, august, i went above the arctic circle - Tromso, Lofoten islands (also did finland and sweden on the same trip). It is the most beautiful place ive ever been! the air and the water are pristine!

Be warned that its very expensive to eat and drink there though. I went on one of those exodus holidays, where a bunch of strangers do a trip with a guide - it was good fun, and a complete mix of people too.

We went whale watching, went to Nord Cap (sp) the most northerly part of europe, a whaling museum, to a husky farm, to visit a sami tribe - loads to do.

One thing is that you need to time it right if you want to see the northern lights - i went at the wrong time of year but i couldnt go any other time.

phdlife Thu 03-Sep-09 13:18:55

we went only for a couple of days in January.

we stayed a night in Oslo but did nothing except go see the boat museums (Viking ships, Kon-Tiki and Fram all together - I'm a geek for famous old boats). Then we caught the train to Bergen - this was utterly stunning and stayed there a couple of nights. It was nice and about all I could manage at a very large 28 weeks pg but as everyone says, shockingly dear.

notnowbernard Thu 03-Sep-09 13:24:29

I'd love to go to Bergen

A friend used to live there and it looks stunning in the photos

hannahsaunt Thu 03-Sep-09 13:48:29

Oslo (briefly), Trondheim, Alesund and Stavanger (sailed down the Norweigan coast) one summer. It was very hot and one of the most beautiful places I've been to. Was expensive but depended on what you wanted - fresh salmon on homemade bread sandwiches were cheaper than Macdonalds - no contest!

EldonAve Thu 03-Sep-09 13:53:26

we went to Bergen for a wedding
it was rainy
eating out and esp drinking is expensive

katiestar Thu 03-Sep-09 13:54:51

We wanted to have a chance of seeing the Northern lights and I gather that winter in Tromso is the best place for that , but I would want a decent bit of daylight too !
I have4 seen very reasonable flights to Tromso and also selfcatering log cabins for hire .I guess then we would need to hire a car which I guess would be pretty pricey.

latestincarnation Thu 03-Sep-09 14:12:11

Hi - best time for summer weather is around the solstice in June - August is getting autumnal. depending on how far north you go for the northern lights the winters can be very dark: in Bergen at Christmas you will have dusk at 3pm.

Norway is famously expensive to eat out in or drink in. The alcoholtax is massive, which is why norwegians are famous for going on complete benders every now and then! Restaurants are expensive too, and you will be surprised how expensive meat is, or pepsi compared to local versions. £40 for a Jacobs CReek in a restaurant stings!

The cheapest way to visit is self catering = youth hostels and huts are really cheap, as are guest houses. You can then buy local/norwegian brands in supermarkets.

Public transport is fantastic and cheap - you may not need a car.

If you can get to the Lofoten islands and stay in a hut on the fjord, Bergen is stunning and you can do trips into the fjords without a car (google norway in a nutshell)

Its a stunning place!

pooter Thu 03-Sep-09 18:10:47

katiestar - we stayed in the self catering sheds huts in Tromso - they are BASIC. Perfectly serviceable and warm in summer, but i wouldnt have wanted to stay there in winter. you have to take your own sleeping bag for the bunks, and i cant actually remember any cooking facilities at all (there may have been a two ring hob).

But GO!! Its beautiful!

PurpleFrog Sun 06-Sep-09 00:04:08

We had 3 weeks in Norway with our camper van in July 1997 - it was fantastic and I would love to go back sometime. We spent a couple of days in Bergen then went on to Voss, then up to Trondheim to see the Tall Ships Race come in, then meandered back to Bergen round the coast. We visited lots of waterfalls and glaciers, caught mackerel in the fjords, went on a guided glacier walk, went white water rafting, visited Geiranger, did the Norway in a Nutshell tour, etc. etc. Yes, alcohol was expensive but since I was pregnant with dd I wasn't drinking anyway. We didn't have any evening meals out, but lunches were reasonably priced - lots of prawn and smoked salmon sandwiches if I remember. I have great memories of that holiday.....

salfringeman Wed 09-Sep-09 10:15:46

We moved to alesund in Norway in January and my advice would be come in the Summer (unless it is the Northern Lights and the snow you want to see.) The place comes alive with the long days and they seem to cram every festival and activity possible into May june and july. Camping is a good option as it is cheap and there are some beautiful beaches here you can stay at (although convincing your children it is actually bedtime in a tent is quite tricky as it doesnt really get dark all night).
I can give you lots of info about things to do near alesund and ways to not be too stung by the ridiculous prices if it helps!

skihorse Tue 15-Sep-09 20:26:29

Jan/Feb this year - Hemsedal (slap bang in the middle) skiing. Alcohol - tbh, didn't think it was that expensive - we had a few, but we're not drinkers so it didn't matter. The food prices made my eyes water though. shock (And we do eat - bugger. )

ABetaDad Tue 15-Sep-09 20:33:28

Bergen in October. Beautiful, clean, friendly, but expensive. Warm during the day but very cold at night.

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