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Amsterdam self catering

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MamaVoo Fri 28-Aug-09 20:00:32

Does anyone know of a good company for apartment rental in the centre of Amsterdam? The best I've found online so far are called Stay Rentals but it would be nice to have some personal recommendations.

I have vague plans to go next April/May with DH and DS who will then be 2.

DH is dubious as he thinks it's just a stag party destination, but I think it looks like a lovely place for a family holiday. I'm right aren't I?

RedHairedGirlie Thu 17-Sep-09 22:05:07

Hi There

A bit of a late reply but thought I would try to help. I lived in Amstedam for 7.5 years, and it is a beautiful place to visit.. and not all stag parties!

There are lovely parks and just strolling by the canals (if the weather is good) is lovely. If you are thinking end of April, 30th April is Queens Day.. one big party in Amsterdam and very very busy... not sure how much fun it would be with a 2 year old though but all the locals seem to manbage and it is a great day. If you search on the internet am sure you can find more on it..

Regarding accom, you might want to check out some of the expat sites and maybe post a message seeing if anyone knows of rental agencies, or you might even get someone willing to rent out a place for a couple of weeks... and go to the NL site.

You could even hire bikes if confident riding with your child.. there are loads of bike hire places and am sure you bould hire bikes with the child seat on. Loads of lovely cycle routes to get you outside of Amsterdam too and explore more.

I have actually just plucked up the courage to go over in a few weeks with my 6 month old daughter... am lucky that I can stay with a friend in the city centre, it will be the first time flying with baby so am feeling a little apprehensive.. am sure it will be fine though :-)

PS one thing to be aware of though if you are looking for rentals, be sure to ask what floor the appartment is on or ask about lifts and what the stairs are like... Stairs in most of the old buildings can be narrow and steep, so climbing up 5 flights with child and luggage could be a challenge!!

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