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Anyone done day before check-in with Thomson? Are they more likely to lose your cases??

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chummum Sun 23-Aug-09 17:42:34

We are thinking of doing this next week, reading on their website says just go to North terminal after 12pm the day before your fight is scheduled with all passengers in your party and check all bags in!
Sounds good but we are worried they may be more likely to lose the suitcases!
Has anyone got any experience of this??

tulpe Sun 23-Aug-09 19:02:10

not with Thompson but we did this with BA last month. It was fab, imo. We went along at around 6pm, no queue, straight to bag drop (had already checked in online earlier the same day). I did have a bit of a wobble and wonder if our cases would arrive at our destination! But it was great to just wander straight to security on the morning of our flight and cut out some of the queues.

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