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All Inclusive Gran Canaria- Any recommendations?

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CrazyPregnant Tue 18-Aug-09 16:09:32

I am looking at Gran Canaria for a week in October- would like All Inclusive & a good pool. I love the Gran Canaria Princess but it doesn't seem to have any family rooms available in October, it is also over our budget at around £600 each. (2 adults, 2 children)

Any recommendations?

mummatoone Tue 18-Aug-09 21:47:53

Maspalomas is lovely

CrazyPregnant Wed 19-Aug-09 20:00:30

Thanks Mummatoone, I would like somewhere in Maspalomas or Playa de Ingles just need to find a decent hotel within our budget!

dobby2001 Tue 25-Aug-09 22:29:56

The majority of accomodation on Gran Canaria is self catering, its what people prefer apparently smile.There are some fab hotels but, as you are finding, very pricy for all inclusive. I have a timeshare out there and have just retuned from our annual 2 weeks, so if i can offer any info/advice let me know. Have got quite canny at best prices for airport transfers/food/ taxi fares over the 3 years we have owned it grin

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