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Thenozone Mon 17-Aug-09 21:54:11

Dh never gets involved with hols but has come home today declaring he and his colleagues have been discussing and the consenus is this is the place to go. Im not so sure - i imagine it to be a dirty guaranteed to get the shits type of holiday so come and put me right and if it truly is lovely as he assures me tell me where you recommend. Is the food as british as you can get in Benidorm as he is such a brit food chap.

Thenozone Tue 18-Aug-09 11:09:52


alpech Sun 23-Aug-09 05:22:51

Hi I have been to Bulgaria 5 times, each time to Golden Sands. The beach is lovely and the main street very clean and much more modern than you probably expect however if you venture to the back of the resort you will see rubbish piled up waiting to be collected but don't let that put you off because you will probably only see in during your coach transfers.

I have travelled there whilst pregnant and with small children and none of us have ever been ill from the food which is more than I can say for Majorca and Turkey. Food tends to be grilled meats, casserole type meals, pasta and pizza, salads, chips and rice are always available.

As far as hotels go do your research well as there are still some old communist style hotels however most hotels on the front have been rebuilt or refurbished completely over the last 5 or 6 years and are lovely If you are going as a couple The Admiral or the Melia Hermitage Grand would be a great choice. We tend to stay at the Marina Grand which has a fantastic location right across from the beach.


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