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Club Med - has anyone stayed there - what's it like?

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chocolateshoes Sun 16-Aug-09 20:17:29

Am already planning next year's holiday - need a carrot to get me through the winter! And am wondering about Club Med. But apart from them having the world's most frustrating web site ever, haa anyone any experience?

piscesmoon Mon 17-Aug-09 08:22:35

It is very French! We went for all the activities for my teenage DSs, but they wouldn't join in because not only were the other kids French but they seemed to be confident and loud French. I don't know if that is the same everywhere. If they had joined in there were lots of daytime activities and also evening entertainment for them.
The plus side was that the reps were lovely, a lot were students from all over the world-there were a lot of English ones and they were really friendly, helpful and tried their best to encourage DSs to join in. It is the only holiday where I have kissed the holiday rep goodbye-she said I reminded her of her mum!
The food was good-in fact excellent(for the price and numbers they were catering for) and suited us all, DS2 could experiment with all sorts of things he hadn't tried and DS1 could play very safe and plain, he is a fussy eater. We had to join other families on large tables but I quite liked that.
We went to one of the quite basic ones but it was attractive and clean.
I suppose that it was a French holiday camp and we aren't really holiday camp people-I wouldn't go again but I don't regret havingtried it. I have no idea whether it was typical.

TheyCallMeStacey Mon 17-Aug-09 08:26:31

We went skiing with them and thought it was fab. Amazing food, huge choice every breakfast, lunch and dinner plus many snacks open bar etc. Really well organised and good fun. But yes very french! Kids club was good and had very jolly staff. Haven't tried them for a summer holiday but have heard good things, they seem quite reasonably priced too.

Rebeccaj Mon 17-Aug-09 13:44:30

We had a week at Hammemet in Tunisia 3 years ago, with our kids who were just 2 and 6 months at the time. BIL & SIL came too, and they had a 3 yr old and a 8 month old.

The elder girls all did a day or so in the daycare, but didn't really enjoy it that much as the predominant language was french, but they enjoyed paddling around in the pool (they have a seperate kids pool next to the main one) and beach with us anyway. They were very entertained by a camel on the beach one day! They did seem to do a lot there though - lots of activities etc. We both had 2 bed villas which were a good size, though a 5-10min walk away from the main restaurants etc (so monitors don't work) - they do run evening kids clubs though. They do a seperate kids tea at 6pm which was always well attended and pretty OK food, and they have jars for babies too, though not a lot of variety.

The french was, as mentioned, an issue at the kids clubs (DH speaks it, I don't, on the day I took Hugo (6 months) in for a few hours I don't think he had any milk as they couldn't ask me when he had it!). We had several conversations in English with various staff that transpired afterwards they didn't understand at all - about vegetarians in the specialist restaurant, for example.

That said, we did have a good time, there was lots to do - watersports, pool, other activities including a trapeze! And the resort itself is very nice, food was good, big buffets, and a lovely smaller restuarant right overlooking the beach, which we used for lunch a lot as it was much less busy.

One thing I didn't like was the coach ride to and from the airport - it's over an hour and they drive like loonies! Don't sit near the front and look out of the window...!

penona Mon 17-Aug-09 13:49:28

We did a week with them this year and last in Turkey, was great - food, activities, etc but we did go out of school holidays (pre-school kids) and take our parents as babysitters. Not sure how great it would have been otherwise!
Met someone on the plane on way home who raved about one in Spain/Portugal. Had slightly older kids and thought it amazing.
The website is mad. Send off for a brochure (much easier to read, if not very environmental) and then just call when you want to book, they are much more helpful on the phone than the web!

chocolateshoes Mon 17-Aug-09 19:09:09

Wow, thanks for all these replies! Good advice to send off for the brochure Penona (glad its not just me struggling with the web site!!). The French thing shouldn't be an issue as DH & I used to live in France so we're used to it. So you all seem to think its worth the price?

piscesmoon Mon 17-Aug-09 19:20:23

It was worth the price. Although my DSs wouldn't join the clubs (the main point in going), the pool was lovely and it was adjacent to a good beach and my DSs could hire body boards and did some activities. We also had trips out. It is very good for practising French and it was nice not to have all British.

chocolateshoes Mon 17-Aug-09 20:37:11

That's gopod to know Pisces. Am thinking about Djerba La DFouce - anyone been there?

Molly499 Fri 02-Oct-09 20:05:49

We totally loved Palymire in Turkey and all had a fantastic holiday. There are plenty of things for children to do even if they don't join the clubs, they can still go to the various activities. The food was amazing and i can't wait to go back there.

This was a high standard Club Med and I'm now really wary of trying some of the lower grade ones after a mediocre holiday in Sicily. It didn't stop ther kids having a ball but the food was not at all up to scratch and it was extremely French where as Turkey was totally cosmopolitan.

What age children do you need care for? For the very young then I think Mark Warner takes some beating on clubs/nannies etc but you could never rave about their food or night life.

Somewhere on mumsnet there is a link to a travel company that can discount Club Med holidays but I can't remember their name just now - somebody else will! The other thing that I have done is to look at the web site in French for a room only rate and it sometimes will come out cheaper in Euros than £'s due to eveyone not getting their act together on exchange rates.

Good luck!

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