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Italy with a six-month-old. Hoping to go next week, but where abouts?

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funwithfondue Wed 12-Aug-09 17:11:23

We live in Switzerland, so Italy is only a short drive away (5 hours to the coast). DH has next week booked off, but we've nothing booked yet. We've only just moved out here, and never been to Italy before.

Any ideas on a nice area of north Italy? I was looking at Liguria for some beach action.

We've got a six-month-old dd too. Do you think we're better going for a hotel or self catered (villa, flat etc). Oh yes, and it can't be too expensive, although after Switzerland anywhere is cheaper!

Portofino Fri 14-Aug-09 10:17:25

Loano is nice. We stayed in Ceriale when dd was about 6 months old here but Loano was larger and had a better beach, with a historical town center.

We also stayed in Deiva Marina pre dd here

The beach is pebbly but very some nice restaurants and handy for the Cinque Terre villages which are stunning.

I guess availablity will be poor everywhere though. has space

DebInAustria Fri 14-Aug-09 20:00:11

We're looking at going to Northern Italy too (driving from austria) and I'm struggling to find the right place, don't fancy a holiday park , and other apartments don't seem to cater to families., will watch this thread with interest.

2to3 Fri 14-Aug-09 20:25:38

Liguria is beautiful - I know Santa Margherita and Sestri Levante. The latter has a very cute sandy (as I remember?) beach in the town itself and the whole area is very pretty with great food. St. M didn't have very good beaches I seem to remember, but if you go to make sure to look up a restaurant called Il Nostromo if you are foodie types - it's a popular local haunt with delicious food. Hotels in that neck of the woods tended to be pricy even before the Euro went through the roof, and August is Italian high season, so not sure how many good deals will be around. But who knows - you might get lucky with a last minute booking. You could have a look here. I've heard Elba is nice too, although you'd have to get the ferry on top of the drive. Enjoy!

funwithfondue Sun 16-Aug-09 10:43:11

Thanks for these suggestions - I'm going to look them all up now. I like the sound of Loano and Sestri Levante.

First browses show pretty good availability considering; I think lots of Europeans are staying at home this August! I'm also looking at the Italian/Swiss lakes, but need to find out where's the best spot. has quite a few rooms at good prices Deb.

PS. I hate being a last-minute holiday-booking person. It's so much more stressful. Never again grin

funwithfondue Sun 16-Aug-09 11:07:55

Wow, Sestri Levante looks gorgeous. Not a lot of choice left there now - either a very grand place (Villa Bilba) or 6km away simple places (Hotel Mignon).

Oh well, maybe next year...

Leslaki Fri 28-Aug-09 23:45:45

just back from here today - fantastic place , very chilled and realxing (I was till I hit the M25 on the way back!!) 2nd year there and it is SO good!

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