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alcudia the first 2 wks in oct,with a 2yr and 13 yr old help!!!

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kieranandalexsmummy Sat 08-Aug-09 17:41:01

hi im getting a little worried does anyone have any idea what the weather may be like and if anything will still be open? we are going on the 6th for 2 wks i didnt think that there would be a problem going at that time of year (as we have before although it was turkey).i havent been to spain since the mid to late 80's as a child so have no idea what to expect,can anyone give us some tips please of where to go sight seeing and some nice walks with the kids?grin

ash6605 Sat 08-Aug-09 22:43:51

Hi,where are you staying? I'm going to c'an picafort on the 1st October for a week,it'll be the 5th time we have been to majorca so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

with regards to the weather,it has been very mixed at majorca.we have been twice in May,both times were gorgeous.twice in October,once was gorgeous(at the end of october) and once was warm but with showers everyday apart from the day we were going homeangry
We've also been in September which was quite mixed,red hot but with regular showers.So expect the heat but also be prepared for the odd shower.

As for things to do,it depends how far you want to travel. In Alcudia you have a waterpark which is pretty good.highly reccomended is the pirate show in Magaluf but this is at least an hour by bus quite a late show and quite expensive so not sure if it'd be suitable for your little one.Marineland was quite good but again expensive and in Palma Nova.There are some caves if you are more into sight seeing but we have never been so can't advice on these.

I can't really think of anything else to add but feel free to ask me anything.

kieranandalexsmummy Sun 09-Aug-09 11:54:24

thank you so much ash6605
we are staying at the siesta 1 next to the belview and are going self catering, i have heard that there is a good Spanish supermarket near by(as my little one will only eat homemade dinners ie potatos and veg) as for the pirate show id love to go but would just be really hard work with losad,ive had a look at marineland thanks that looks fab,people keep saying that alcudia is very expensive? have you found that or is it just how expensive you make it? im so excited i cant wait we havent done such a short flight for along time we went to las vegas last year and after a 11hr flight there this will be great!smile

ash6605 Sun 09-Aug-09 19:15:24

I've never found it to be expensive but at the same time I have nothing to compare it with as we have only ever been to majorca and Eurodisney. The prices are about on par with UK and Spain so expect to pay the same for food as you would here(assuming you are from the UK,sorry if not)I think the people who say it's expensive are probably people who have been to places like Turkey which are much cheaper in comparison.

kieranandalexsmummy Mon 10-Aug-09 12:01:40

ive just had a look at the prices for the supermarket eroski and like you said the prices are on a parr with here in the uk,its just so i can get an idea how much spending money we might need so i hope about 1200 should do us for the 2wks fingers crossed !!!!!!! hmm

joec Mon 17-Aug-09 15:02:26


we stayed at siesta 1 last august... me dh and our 4 dc....

had a fab loved it ....great pool and little water play area for the younger ones....entertainment is great...excellent kids club and activities all day and night .....reps do a show every night with mini disco and party dances for the kids...rooms are nice and clean....
beach is beautiful...if you go into belle vue next door you can get the boat to a quieter part of the beach ...loads of shops etc ....also horse riding across from the siesta...dont think anything will be shut that early in october,reps dont go home till 1st week in november...

kieranandalexsmummy Wed 16-Sep-09 11:58:25

thats great to hear thanks so much its nice that someone that has stayed there got intouch.we are so excited and looking forward to this holiday as we've not been to spain as a family b4

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