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We want to go to Italy

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Greatfun Thu 06-Aug-09 21:30:40

Can anyone recommend a place to stay? We want to go week beginning 24th August (very soon). There will be myself, DH and DCs (£ and 1). We are happy to drive but would ideally like a restaurant to walk to in the evenings, a swimming pool and somewhere near a town/village, preferably in a shared accomodation type place so the DCS might meet some play mates. Not too cut off from the outside world. We were looking at some of the mobile home sites with Thomson near Lake Garda but they look very big. Are they noisy? I had a look at the link for the place in Umbria on the last thread about Italy but they don't have vacancies. Thanks.

Greatfun Thu 06-Aug-09 21:31:16

Meant to say 3 not £ when listing DDs age!

Leslaki Mon 10-Aug-09 23:10:10

here is where we're going on Friday. It's fantastic! We went last year and it's so friendly. 4 pools, short walk to beach (clean, gently shelving and fab!) and 5 mins walk to the next town. can get bus to Venice or caorle (lovely old town with a water park). It has 'quiet time' at lunch time for a couple of hours and noise police type people after midnight so not too noisy! All nice families having a ball! I went on my own with my 2 dcs and we made loads of friends and had best hols ever!

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