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Help! Italian Holiday Mid September

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cal79 Tue 04-Aug-09 15:58:44

Any suggestions for my dilema would be much appreciated.

I'm looking for somewhere, in Italy, to spend a week in mid Sept with husband, 2.5 year old and 6 month old. So in other words somewhere with things to occupy the toddler (beach would be fab), a bit of sightseeing/good restaurants for us and baby friendly - making bottles etc. Already been to Lake Garda and Venice so would prefer a change. Had a look at Lido di Jesolo and was put off a little by some reviews.

Any ideas for a fussy one??!!


LIZS Tue 04-Aug-09 16:02:16

The Lakes further north ? Maggiore and Como or example. You could easily have a day trip to Milan and into Switzerland. Or the area around Genoa has some lovely beaches and seaside rides for young kids.

gio71 Wed 05-Aug-09 08:15:12

How about Viareggio in Tuscany? Nice beach, pine woods with games and bars/pizzerias to escape heat if you get a hot Sept and near to Lucca, Pisa, Florence, Siena and all the Tuscan countryside. You can fly to Pisa. Very Italian resort and shouldn't be too overcrowded in Sept.Have a look here.

MadameCastafiore Wed 05-Aug-09 08:19:31

here is where we go.

Is lovely, although slap bang in the middle of the country so a bit of a drive to a beach. The people there are fantastic, it is really baby friendly and you can get a train to Rome or Florence for the day or drive up to Sienna which is beautiful.

We used to fly to Fiorli but I think you have to fly to Bologna now.

Ravello is also very nice, you can go down to Amalfi then for the beach of get a hydrofoil across to Capri.

Nicholalovesitaly Thu 06-Aug-09 14:06:59

we stayed at a great place in central Italy. There is a beach 20 minutes away, waterparks nearby and loads to do. There are 3 self catering units and they have all childrens equipment, toys and 2 play areas. Take a look at the website We flew into Perugia from Stansted but I you could fly into Pisa, Ancona or Rome. The restaurants nearby are all local so you dont get loads of tourists.

cal79 Fri 07-Aug-09 17:57:48

Thanks for all your replies, they've been really helpful.

Now fingers crossed we can book somewhere.

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