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top tips for entertaining a 19 month old on 4 hour flight to Greece!

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ministryofsleep Mon 03-Aug-09 15:28:12

is it going to be a nightmare?!? Flight times are great - 9am getting there for 1pm our time but DS2 usually naps in the afternoon so we are expecting him to be fully awake for the whole flight. Any tips would be gratefully received. TIA

3littlefrogs Mon 03-Aug-09 15:36:38

Books, puzzles - the sorts of things you might have for a rainy day at home. Take reins for the time spent hanging around in the airport - it is hard to manage a runaway toddler plus suitcases, trolleys etc. You might find he does sleep for at least some of the time.

4 hours isn't too bad IME, so try not to worry.

Please think about something - anything - you could give him to suck during ascent and descent. I have done 4 long haul flights in the last month, and every single take off and landing all the small children on the plane have been crying in pain from the pressure in their ears. I know it is hard, what with all the security arrangements atc, but it is torture to listen to the poor little things suffering.

dietqueen Mon 03-Aug-09 15:45:24

food, nibbles, books, play doh (You cna get tiny tubs from cheapy pound shops - I got a lovely fire sam set with little mini rolling pin and cutters) stickers, crayons etc..

Food and the play doh works for us!

HappyBump Mon 03-Aug-09 15:52:48

We just went on a 14 hour day flight with our 19 month old. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad (I had imagined much worse things happening). My DS is very active I thought he would not be entertained at all.

I took lots of snacks, sandwiches, etc.

I had various new cheap toys that I would bring out every so often. Mine loves cars and animals so that was fairly easy.

The big winner for us was stickers. I bought lots of rolls of cheap cheap stickers, shiney ones, etc and spent ages sticking them and unsticking them into sticker books, on his hands, face, my face, on the seat, etc.

We also walked him up and down the plane and visited the stewards and they seemed to enjoy it too ... I guess as long as you don't get in the way too much.

Enjoy! We are doing an 8 hour flight on Monday, this time it's only me (pregnant) and DS so I might not be very happy on Tuesday. Luckily we're off to my parents and I hope they will be delighted to see DGS

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