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Bellvue Hotel Alcudia - anyone been?

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dietqueen Sun 02-Aug-09 21:10:28

this keeps coming up on hol websites - anyone been, any good for a 4yr old, and whats food like?

slalomsuki Thu 06-Aug-09 21:52:06

We went the first two weeks in July with 3 kids, 8,6 and 3. We booked it direct with the hotel rather than through a company and booked the flights directly.

I read the internet and the reviews were very mixed, they either loved it or hated it and nothing in between. For us it was fine, we stayed in Leda 3 and the room was clean and it was quiet in the evening. The main problem with the room was the lack of air con but you could hire fans for the week for a refundable deposit which were fine. The pool at Leda 3 was cleaned every night and the all inclusive bar was fine with no queue for soft drinks and a small queue at busy times for alcohol.

The food was served in a main dining room which at times was busy but there was loads of choice and unlike some people on the review I didn't have chips with every meal. the best bits were the majorcan food and the variety of salads that you could have. Some people thought the food was limited but my kids enjoyed it and liked the fact they could have what they wanted and could try what they wanted.

The evening entertainment was OK, a kids show followed by a set of tribute bands or shows. The tribute bands were fine, Take that being the best but the shows were a bit dire. The beach is great and if you take the boat from the hotel it takes you to a quiet part of the beach. You can take the boat there and walk back via the town. We did a couple of tours and they were fine but we wished we had spent some more thime in the town when we had the chance, the old part is beautiful.

I would say its fine for sleeping and eating in but bear in mind its not a five star hotel by any means but the kids loved it and we would go back. I am a bit of a hotel snob but where we were it was clean, quiet and just what we needed.

bottletopbill Fri 07-Aug-09 13:58:39

Interesting thanks for that.

kid Mon 10-Aug-09 20:37:54

I went there several years ago when DD was 3.
I can't remember which block we stayed in, but we were very close to one of the pools.

We were self catering and there were loads of places to eat locally. Never cooked once dring the whole 2 weeks grin

The entertainment in the evenig was fine, they had some sort of kids club but DD was too young to join in as we always sat next to the bar rather than the stage.

One thing that I really didn't like there was the lake right next to the hotel. It was really smelly and there were rats running around the edge of it. They never went near anybody, but it was funny watching people dive on to their beds when they saw one.

The lake usually had boats going across it, but that year none were running so I guess that could be why it was so smelly. We also got eaten alive by mosquitoes.

tiredemma Mon 10-Aug-09 20:39:29

I worked there as a holiday rep. It was fondly known as 'Hellview'

onlyanauntie Tue 11-Aug-09 20:24:53

From what I recall a few years back - a sprawling metropolis of tattoos and football shirts. . . Pontins with sun.

overweightnoverdrawn Tue 11-Aug-09 20:56:02

hated it . I asked for vodka and orange . They served me vodka and neat orange squash , bleaugh . I felt out of place because I was one of the very few people with out a tattoo. That was the last time DH booked a holiday over the internet .

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