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HB/AI Hotel in Tenerife any good ones for 1 & 3 year old?

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PrincessII Sun 02-Aug-09 18:42:59

Intending to go for a winter break in Nov/Dec with DH and 2 girls who are 1 & 3. Looking for central location, hotel with good food and a good variety of shops and restaurants outside of hotel.

Any suggestions would be glady received, as never been to Tenerife before.


Alibobster Sun 09-Aug-09 22:17:37

Hi, we went to Tenerife when ds was 15 months old. Stayed at the Bitacora hotel and it was really good, great location too. Food was buffet style and it was absolutely fantastic, so much choice. The staff, particularly in the restaurant, were very good with my ds. The hotel was on the edge of Las Americas and there was some very nice upmarket shops in the surrounding area, as well as plenty of restaurants and bars. If I ever go back to Tenerife I'll definately stay there again

geordieminx Mon 17-Aug-09 16:31:58

Can whoile heartidly recommend los gigantes spa and suite hotel - lots of other mners have recommended it too.

We went in may and it was amazing - 5* AI, 5 bars, 3 restuarants, spa, kids activites, 5 pools, all suites so seperate living/bedroom ideal with kids. Immaculate, mini bar replenished every day... could go on

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