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Has anyone been to belle dunne eurocamp?

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Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Thu 30-Jul-09 12:49:06

I am interested in reviews as a hol possibility for next year - i have oly found 2 revewson it on holiday truths fromlong ago and they are not that favourable. Any mumsnetters advise? i came accross it as was looking at eurocamp type thing in france but with in 100km of calais as dh a scaredy cat to drive over there to far . i like look of le touquet area or pas de calais. Yor recommendations would be welcome oh wise ones smile.

ihatethecold Thu 30-Jul-09 13:42:42

hi went there 5 yrs ago.
it was fine. the accommodation was clean and well spaced out. lovely lakes to look at. the swimming pool was loved by my kids and we hired a bike for my then 4 yr old. we walked to the beach through the woods. we went in sept so it was quiet.
6 of us had a 3 bed house . little bit claustrophobic but we had a 1 yr old who wouldn't sleep so i was a tad narky.
the drive from Calais took about 2.5 hrs. some pretty places to drive to nearby . went to bolougne to the nausicca aquarium which is brill on the way back to the euro tunnel..

MrsGuyofGisbourne Thu 30-Jul-09 13:46:07

If you don't wnat to drive too far another option would be to take the ferry to St Malo in Brittany, or Caen or Dieppe. Some lovely site in Brittany.
We go every year with Eurocamp and have always found them to be a good compnay.

Lizzylou Thu 30-Jul-09 13:50:49

Oh, we were looking at this site on the internet last night!
We have decided that we are definitely going abroad next year as we have had to come home early from our UK break at PIL's caravan due to peeing down blooming rain angry

Will watch this thread...

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Thu 30-Jul-09 13:56:26

calais is only 1.5 hr ferry ride though - how long are you on the st maolo thingy? we coming from the north. i hatethecoldw ho did you book through?

We going to jersey for our holiday this yr and im poing myself big time to the point i feel sick as were flying which i dont like so want to focus on not flying next yr as its spoiling the run up........

MrsGuyofGisbourne Thu 30-Jul-09 18:37:28

st amlo is an overnight ferry - I like it because you get a cabin, and the holiday starts there - kids love it. Coming from the north it would mean you could drive down, get a night's sleep on the ferry and be rested when you arrive next day...Agree with you about flying it - hate it too - the hassle factor is horrific

ihatethecold Sat 01-Aug-09 19:56:50

we went with leisure direction. we did our own travel arrangements on the eurotunnel, you can use your tesco vouchers to pay for the tunnel

LIZS Mon 31-Aug-09 08:14:07

We've just recently returned and would definitely go again. It is less than 2 hours by motorway from Calais bit longer if you take the A road via La Touquet etc. Lovely setting if a bit Disneyfied and feels rather false to begin. You may want to try to specify which area you stay in, as the various areas of houses are spread out and they seemed to put most of the Brits in one area about 15 mins walk from the main square, lakes, supermarket and pools etc. It would really have helped if our kids would ride bikes but it is a pleasant enough walk. The path back is unlit at night though !

Having said that we were less than 10 mins from the beach and facilities at Quend Plage whereas the other end of the complex is nearer Fort Mahon. Also we had a small outdoor pool and play area just for our 90 or so houses. Accommodation is on the smaller side so go for one where you are at the lower end of the recommended occupancy ie. we were 4 in a 2 bed house for 5-6. Reasonably well equipped kitchen but no oven (microwave/grill combi and hob). TV had BBC1 and 2 !

There is a Shoppi supermarket less than 5 mins away off site which has petrol and a fresh fish stall (maybe only in mornings) and is open on Sundays too. Otherwise a large Carrefour is towards Bagatelle theme park at Berck about 15 mins away. We took a few trips out when the weather was less sunny but you don't really need to go out during your stay as so much is on site. hth

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