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Any suggestions? - holiday with toddler and bump but don't just want to lie on beach!

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MyNameIsInigoMontoya Sat 25-Jul-09 23:18:44

Hi - just wondering whether there are any good ideas out there?

We are planning to go away in Sept, by then DS will be 21 months and I will be 4 months pg with DC2.

We would like to go somewhere within max 4 hours' flight, to take advantage of DS still being able to fly free but without having him on my bump knee for too long as he won't get a seat.

Ideally we would like somewhere with some kind of activity available - we love things like Sunsail (watersports) but don't want to do that this time as I won't be able to do any of the sports and would get bored just sitting and reading all the time. So would like some sort of (gentler) activities e.g. sightseeing, short walks, or anything else interesting and suitable when pg.

We would also like somewhere with childcare so that we can have a bit of time without DS too and get a bit of rest! Also would obviously prefer somewhere with reasonably nice weather in Sept (doesn't have to be mega-hot though).

Can you think of anywhere that would be good? I am short of inspiration and need to get it sorted soon! Thank you...

KiwiKat Sun 26-Jul-09 00:16:50

I recommend Turkey - we've been taking our ds there since he was 9 months old and we love it. Great food, lovely people, culture, ruins, sunshine - what's not to like? Check out Fethiye. We went to Club Letoonia, but it was VERY off-season, so don't know what the price would be in September.

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Mon 27-Jul-09 23:17:29

Thanks, I'll check that out!

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