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Please talk to me about Port Aventura

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Nattynoos Fri 17-Jul-09 19:22:04

Hi all

Has anyone stopped in Port Aventura and could give me the names of some nice hotels within walking distance of the 2 parks?

Have been to the travel agents today they have given me hotel sol costa daurada for 2 weeks....has anyone stopped in this hotel?

Ive been looking on the web and i can get the hotel caribe but for 1 week only!

Thing is you can only get into the water park for 1 day for free the rest of the time you will have to pay!....does anyone know how much it is to get into per day?

Do you think 2 weeks will be too long.....we went to Florida in April so was looking for something along those lines, lots to do etc and Port Aventura seems to fit the bill.



surreylady Fri 17-Jul-09 20:37:07

We stayed in La Pineda at Easter this year and went to Port Aventura for a couple of days as it was about 20-30 minutes on the local bus (you could see it from the back of the hotel so ended up going even though we had just planned a chill out week). It was expensive to get in £140 for a family ticket for a day - the hotel special offer was to get a second day free so it worked out £70 per day. Water Park was not open. We met some people in the hotel who had purchased a 7 day ticket in the Uk before going which worked out much cheaper. We enjoyed it (we are going to Orlando next month - so may have similar tastes) BUT I we felt the two days covered it well for us - and I dont think it has a week of activity and not 2. The area was not greatly to our taste - ok for a chill out week but really not too much of our interests - i.e history, local villages, scenery etc. The people with the 7 day ticket used to go afternoons only and spend the morning and lunch at the hotel. If you have anything specific please ask and I will try and remember.

Nattynoos Fri 17-Jul-09 20:47:20

Thanks for this surreylady.

Likewise about Florida.....we have been twice in a year!..once last August and then again this Easter.....i would go again if i could!!!

surreylady Fri 17-Jul-09 22:44:18

Thank You Natty - one thing if you dont mind - we booked the Disney hotel last year when they had the free food package offer (think they have it again now) so have a list of 200 restaurants - Disney parks and Boardwalks - Disney suggest we book a few before we go - did you eat in any Disney restaurant and if so any you loved (or hated) appreciated.

Nattynoos Sat 18-Jul-09 09:22:06

Hi surreylady

We have not stopped in the Disney hotels, we stopped in International Drive and Lake B. Vista on both occasions.

There are so many restaurants all over the place so i cant see myself that you would need to book. We ate in loads in all the parks as you do, and never had one complaint!

We flew with Virgin and had a kids eat free deal but that was for the restaurants outside of the parks....that was worth it as our DS is a very picky eater and does not eat much at the best of times so we did not mind if he wasted any food! xx

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