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Parthenay, France (near Poitiers/Niort/Cholet)- whats good?

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TheRedSalamander Thu 02-Jul-09 22:06:01

We will be staying in what appears to be a lovely gite. We haven't been to that area before, although we've been a bit further south (Riberac/Angouleme). Has anyone been nearby and could recommend places to go/things to do for 4 adults with 4 small children between them (4.8, 3.10, 1.4 and 1)

Or any tips really (eg avoid the bakers on the corner of such a street or make sure you get some wine from, well, anywhere )

puffling Sun 05-Jul-09 00:14:45

The town website has it's tourist guide here:

TheRedSalamander Thu 09-Jul-09 07:10:30

oooh thanks puffling

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