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Recommendations for appartments/aparthotels in Sardinia or Majorca

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rookiemater Fri 19-Jun-09 22:15:12


We are looking to go away for a week in September with DS aged 3. Ideally we want somewhere in a complex with a heated outdoor pool if possible and prefer self catering with two bedrooms rather than a hotel.
We like to go out during the day so somewhere within walking distance of restaurants and a beach would be excellent.

For Sardinia we fly to Olbia so would have to be at that end of the island.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

Portofino Fri 19-Jun-09 22:19:21

I had this place bookmarked for a future visit. You can also book direct. Baia Sardinia is lovely and also in easy reach of the Costa Smeralda beaches which are gorgeous. I'll find my foto link....

Portofino Fri 19-Jun-09 22:25:09

photos here

We stayed in Cannigione in a 2 room apartment at Cala di Falco. Baia Sardinia is much nicer....

rookiemater Fri 19-Jun-09 22:52:03

Fab, it looks gorgeous, will investigate costs

selby Fri 19-Jun-09 23:20:04

We've just spent half term in Chia (flew into Cagliari though rather than Olbia). Have a 2 yr & 5 yr old and stayed at Chia Laguna and it was great. There are self catering villas on the resort which ironically were more expensive than a family suite (2 interconnecting hotel rooms) on a HB basis. I chose the latter this year and had reservations before we went since I'm a SC fan too BUT it proved to be the most relaxing holiday we've had with the children so far. We booked the accommodation through Just Sardinia. Would thoroughly recommend it - Chia must have some of the best beaches in Europe plus the resort had some prime beachfront which my 5 yr old just loved.

rookiemater Sat 20-Jun-09 16:08:36

Thanks for that selby. I'm not sure about distances, how long do you think it would take to drive from Olbia to Chia, because that is the only direct flight from our airport ?

rookiemater Fri 03-Jul-09 21:09:52

Hi Selby have just booked the flights as found an airline that flies direct to cagliari and have provisionally reserved the chia laguna village and will pay up tomorrow as they have half price offer for September. Looks fab, thanks for the recommendation.

selby Sun 05-Jul-09 23:47:05

rookiemater - Must sees are Nora, market day at Pula & the old part of Cagliari. You'll have a fab time - enjoy!

rookiemater Sun 12-Jul-09 18:51:34

Oh thanks for coming back selby, I was hoping to pick your brain anyhoo grin

What is the childrens club at the hotel like ? I don't think that DS would go if its remote or formal, but am thinking if its activities based around the pool he might really enjoy it particularly if we were within waving distance. Oh talking of the pool, is it heated ?

Are there spa facilities at the hotel, are they expensive ?

Do you know how much babysitting is per hour in the evening , and what time do they serve dinner from- sorry DS is a bit of an early boy so just wondering ? Is the food nice and is it just the buffet place you can eat at or can you pay a supplement to eat at the other restaurants ?

Sorry if too many questions, just like to think these things through so I'm prepared before we go.

Joeymac Sun 12-Jul-09 21:12:21


I'm watching this thread as looking for Sept Holiday in Sardinia with DS1 (3) and DS2 (1). Got prices of Just sardinia on Chia Laguna for family bungalow and seems OK.

Hubby not so keen though as he like the whole self catering idea but for me this is just work i.e. finding local lidl, cooking tonnes of pasta and washing up. He's concerned it's going to be butlins in the sun and a bit egg and chips. Tell me it's not??

I'm looking for stuff to keep the wee ones entertained so I can have a sit down for 5 minutes and not too much (if any) cooking and good food. Do you think it will fit the bill? Also thinking about getting hire car so we can get out of the resort. Would this be possible do you know - are cars allowed?

PS Selby - you mention hotel option being cheaper - I've only got a price on a bungalow - do they do adjoining hotels rooms?

rookiemater Sun 12-Jul-09 21:25:59

We have hired a car, booked hotel and car through Just Sardinia. The car was £225 I think, or could have got a smaller one for £195, well worth it I think as I imagine there are lots of lovely things to see in Sardinia.

If you phone Just Sardinia, ask for Huw, he is fantastically helpful, think he is the owner, and should be able to help you. Actually if selby doesn't get back, maybe give him a ring myself grin

I don't think it will be egg and chips, more pizza and chianti I was hoping.

Re the rooms are we looking at the same place, its Hotel Chia Village at Chia Laguna and the family rooms are either mezzanine style or interconnecting.

When are you thinking of going, if its the 5th - 12th Sep then our DCs can entertain each other ! Rookietoddler is fine provided there is another urchin to chase after.

Joeymac Sun 12-Jul-09 21:57:39

yes - we're thinking of that week too. Thanks for info on car as useful. Do you mind me asking how much you were quoted for the hotel option so I can get a comparision on the bungalows? We've been quoted about 1500 odd for 11 nights and 1900 odd for 14 nights in the bungalow option which is half board? Mine will be just 3.1 and is mad on dinaosaurs and of course Thomas - he's quite a sociable wee soul when not tantrumming about cornettos so I'm looking forward to him making some friend so I can get a short sit down

rookiemater Sun 12-Jul-09 22:04:25

Hello, it sounds like he might be a kindred spirit with DS dinosaurs , tick, Thomas, tick, recent new obsession with tiny fiddly bits of Playmobil, arrggh.

Anyhow. We are only going for a week so the price quoted was £1008 for HB for the three of us in a family cottage room i.e. the interconnecting or mezzanine.

I think it would be the same price for 4, as effectively it is exactly half the price of that option for a family of 4. TBH I didn't know that bungalows were available or we might have gone for that instead. Oh well I'm sure it will be fabulous anyway.

It would be funny if you end up on the same week at the same place. Despite my trying to convince him otherwise DH is convinced that all mumsnetters are hairy truckers called Bob, so will be startled if he realises we are vacationing in the vicinity of one wink

tearinghairout Sun 12-Jul-09 22:13:41

Sardinia is not beer & chips, not the top eastern corner anyway - it's beautiful, chic & very tasteful. The sea is fabulous shades of turquise & the coast is unspoilt, no high-rises etc. We stayed at the Residenza Capricciolli which I loved, little bays within walking distance although you need a car to get to the supermarket & might not be enough organised things for your los.

The website is

Joeymac Sun 12-Jul-09 22:17:35

yes my colleague's hubby apparently calls it 'lesbonet' for some reason (he's not the most emancipated) - why would it be that if you're a mum talking online you're suddenly flat shodden and hairy? My hubby seems to be quite happy about the time I spend on here as it allows him to watch sky sports on loop all night. And god it's the bloody ashes at the moment - I can't drag him away!!

We've not discovered playmobile and small fiddly bits do worry me now with DS2 (currently 11months)who DS1 calls a baby goat as everything goes in his mouth (inclduding the solid gingerbread man who I found DS1 force feeding him last week).

I'll give your man Huw a call tomorrow to get his chat. His friend Ashley who gave us prices was talking about a garden/cottage room so I wonder if we're being quoted for the hotel - as long as I don't have to cook and wash up I'm not that bothered.

rookiemater Sun 12-Jul-09 22:22:55

Ah yes DH is watching Top Gear, he does get annoyed when we watch a film in the living room though as I tend to only pay about 50% attention as too busy mumsnetting.He is a bit suspicious when i meet up with mumsnet chums, but generally we have about 3 drinks and some of those are decaff coffee.

It could well be the hotel she is talking about as the rooms are called cottage rooms. I didn't find Ashley that helpful tbh and was thinking of trying to book myself but then phoned again and spoke to the marvellous Huw.

Do let me know if you book ,that would be a funny coincidence.

Tearinghairout thanks for response, the resort is bottom of Sardinia, but think it is similar as lady at work had just been there and said that Chia was marvellously unspoilt.

Joeymac Sun 12-Jul-09 22:31:03

I have been to corsica before and although French we absolutely loved it which is what got me started onto the sardinia trail-indeed it was very unspoilt and apparently where they shot the bounty ads back in the eighties. Have to say Corsica camping (pre baby days) was one of the best holidays we ever had - very chic indeed (OK corcisca itself - not the camping)and will go back one day.

Thanks for tips about Huw - will call him tomorrow and get the low down on the cottage/bungalow/hotel issue. I'll let you know if we book.

selby Sun 12-Jul-09 23:26:53

rookiemater - We went in the first week of June so not sure whether the mini club would continue in Sept. If it does, the minimum age is 3 and it's free. It has its own fairly large pool and there will be a list of the scheduled activities (plenty based around the mini club pool) for the week. DS did a few afternoon sessions which he loved. First time, we've ever used a kids' club and DS loved it so that was good enough for us. We also used the creche (which shared the shaded play area) once for our 2 yr old - it's a pricey 17E per hour though! I don't think the pools are heated - not a problem for us at the start of June though.
We've never been to Butlins but it's definitely NOT egg & chips. It's too expensive - a Pimms & Lemonade cost me 9E! I can only comment about the week we went but it was an extremely middle class clientele - smart casual in the evenings. The food is pretty good - it is not a budget resort and we only chose it as a cheaper alternative to the Forte Village at the time. We ate out most lunchtimes due to our trips outide the resort (food not as good but cheaper). There is a lot of seafood choice in the evening buffet which was great for us. The wine choice is large and can be pricey so be warned! Dinner is at 7pm but they had a children's area which served at 6pm. You can indeed pay a supplement to eat in any of the other resort restaurants. We hired our own car from the airport cos we like to sightsee/do our own thing. Finally, we stayed in a Family Cottage Classic which was basically 2 interconnecting hotel rooms with very nice ensuites. HTH

rookiemater Mon 13-Jul-09 08:56:34

Thank you very much selby. I'm so looking forward to it. DS might enjoy a kids club if its based around the pool.

I read on tripadvisor that the price of the wine is fairly steep so good to know about the price of Pimms ,actually good to know they serve it, very reassuringly non Butlins ! We love seafood too, well DS doesn't unless battered, but DH isn't a great buffet fan and I have tried to gloss over the fact that it is buffet every evening so I think he will be happy to know he can try the other options.

We have booked a family cottage classic as well, I cheekily asked for an upgrade to one with a garden so fingers crossed.

Thanks for all your advice, very helpful.

selby Mon 13-Jul-09 16:58:05

Joeymac - Just Sardinia gave me the cheapest quote for summer half term compared to Citalia & Holiday Options (inveterate bargain hunter that I am). I think that you've got an extremely good quote - I envy all those with preschoolers and can holiday off-peak in Sept. What can I say? Twas significantly more expensive for us - make the most of it while you can.

Fimbo Mon 13-Jul-09 17:05:27

Sorry to butt in, where you are staying in Sardina sounds right up our street, can anyone tell me how far it is from the airport, as most places seem to be hours away. Thanks

rookiemater Mon 13-Jul-09 17:29:54

Join our crowd Fimbo, we could make it a mumsnet meet up !

I believe that the hotel is about 20 minutes drive maximum from Cagliari airport. I'm hoping so anyway as we get in at midnight as only one airline flies to it from our departure airport.

Like Selby says, I have been looking elsewhere at the price for Sardinia, strange as I have already paid for it and Just Sardinia is the cheapest, oh and if you get Huw then they are very helpful ( I should be on commission, or Selby should !)

Another piece of good news, checked that the childrens club is on, it is and its free for the over 3s, hurrah, I may even bring more than one book, or would if it didn't take me over my beggardly 15kg Ryan Air luggage allowance.

Babysitting is 20 Euros an hour in case anyone interested so think will eat with DS and have relatively early evenings instead.

Fimbo Mon 13-Jul-09 17:40:57

Thanks Rookie (Selby!), trying to find something for next Easter, but can't book that far ahead yet! Have bookmarked it though

Joeymac Tue 14-Jul-09 19:55:22

Rookiemaster - spoke to Huw and he was nic but just got a quote tonight through Citalia and seemed to be cheaper that way including the transfers. I'm swithering on hire car or airport transfers. Transfers seem to be £159 but we're the sort who like to explore a bit - car hire for 2 weeks seems to be about £300.
Selby - would it be ok do you think if you went off site and bought wine to drink in your room - we can't really leave the room cos of the babies so will be drinking in but don't fancy paying 9E (is that now £9!!!) for a pimms.

rookiemater Tue 14-Jul-09 20:24:17

Oh don't tell me Joeymac if you get it for less, will be very upsetting ( but I'm sure I will get over it).

I know I was a bit shock at the drink price too. But with babysitting at 20 Euros an hour I can't see us spending many relaxing evenings at the bar either.

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