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Cascais & Lagos, Portugal

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MrsMattie Sun 14-Jun-09 10:29:59

So, we're off on our hols next week. Going to Cascais for a weekend to see friends, and then down to Lagos for a week in a hotel.

Anything we should do/see/experience?

Thanking you kindly grin

Ruthiebabes Tue 16-Jun-09 14:19:05

Been to Lagos four times and love it there.

There is loads to see in the resort, fab beaches, lovely restaurants, marina, and loads of lanes to wander shopping.

I would recommend the following

1.Dona Ana beach
2. Boat trips from Ponte de Piadade (drive coastal from Dona Ana and you will see it signposted. When you get there you walk down loads of steps and come to little fishing boats that take you for a great trip)
3. Wander the indoor fish market.. its huge.
4. Lots of other larger boat trips from the Marina if you are into that.


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