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Eccrueils Vendee Keycamp's toddler stations closed! Help

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tarabears Thu 04-Jun-09 15:22:05


We're going to Eccrueils campsite in the Vendee in July with Keycamp, with my 2 boys, 3.5 and 16months.

I've just found out that all their toddler mini stations close 5 July and they only offer facilities for over 5s in July. I'm so disappointed. I was banking on being able to take my boys to the fun stations for part of the morning and do activities like painting etc with them there.

Does anyone know whether it's ok to take toddlers along for the over-5s sessions. I can't imagine they'd turn us away.

I've got a really bad hip so really need to have some easy activities to do with the boys.

Has anyone been to this campsite before or know about the facilities Key camp offer. I'd really appreciate any advice.
Thanks, Tx

bigTillyMint Thu 04-Jun-09 15:26:11

I've no idea if they would let you join the over 5's, but remember that over 5 could mean up to 10+ year olds - very different to 16months and even 3.5!

We have camped in the Vendee and the beaches are fab, swimming pools are too, but unfortunately your 2 will need adult supervision all the time sad for you.

tarabears Thu 04-Jun-09 16:05:48

my husband is prepared to do loads, but he'll be totally dominated by my 3.5 year old. I'm a bit gutted that keycamp stop the toddler camps so early as most schools don't break up until 25 July - although scotland ends earlier.

Have you tried their fun stations?

oldlady40 Thu 04-Jun-09 21:36:58

We have stayed at Les Ecureils (I assume it is the one at St.Hilaire) - a few times. Our children were about 6 and 4 the first time we went and our eldest did go to the childrens club a couple of mornings - the over 5s but most of them were age 6 and over although I did stay one day when they did face painting and crafts with my younger child and the staff were fine with that. It might depend on the demand when you are there. They also had a club run by the site - mainly french children went to it but I speak reasonably good French so I went along with my 2 one morning and it was lovely. We sat inside and made bracelets and then had a treasure hunt. Hope this is helpful - hope I am talking about the right site - other wise I have just wasted everybodys time (wink)

tarabears Fri 05-Jun-09 11:04:26

thanks old lady. it must be the same site at St Hilaire. Thanks for replying. Was the site very big? It's hard to tell from the brocuhure and when i booked it i wasn't in the state i'm in now.

I'm sure i can take the boys to the clubs and sit with them. It's just so annoying that my hip has given up on me. I might have to have a hip replacement (think i'm the old lady!) I'm really nervous about being on holiday hobbling around and my husband getting grumpy about having to do everthing. If we cancel we lose 50% of our money so sort of feel we should give it a go.

am mumbling on... thanks for the advice.
Tara x

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